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Rachel NV (town near Groom Lake) solar project

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posted on May, 13 2016 @ 04:20 AM

Ah yes, the never ending saga of Lincoln Estates. As far as I can tell, they never sold one home. The owner tried to put a private prison on the property. When that failed, the plan went back to selling homes. Now granted, home sales might have gone better if the locals would stop burning the "lots for sale" sign.

So now a solar project. This is in a location where I have witnessed sonic booms knock shingles off roofs. There is a power line a few miles away. Then again, it would make more sense to put the array near the power lines.

The USAF kills every wind project in the area. The spinning blades effects radar. While I don't think they nix solar projects outright, I don't see them approving this project. Besides flares and chaff falling to the ground, parts have been known to fall off of planes. Then there are those shock waves from breaking the sound barrier...

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