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Wisdom building 101

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posted on May, 10 2016 @ 04:50 AM
Information you receive is base matter without form of truth or false, neither hot nor cold. Vibe neutral. . . Just information, no more no less. ..accept it as you would a grain of salt, a small piece of food for thought. Summary dismissal is a mental barrier...a sign you've been programmed with bias..and are probably a common fool..go away now, answer masturbation's call. Immediate acceptance is naivete, equally foolish...go lend you mentally deficient brother a helping hand.

If information sparks the imagination, and you do further research collecting more base matter..eventually after many samples from various will vibe in harmony with certain information..your higher self (id) will give you insight as to what frequency sounds good...and whats static.You're unique learning vibe will resonate the totality of collected base matter and create forms..these assemble into small unfocused blurry bits of true/false matter. .

Base matter information is cohesive and resonates in kind, more you freely accept, the bigger true/false chunks form. The bigger something gets, the momentum builds and clearer you can see it for what it is.

The fool is blind to giant piles of truth in plain sight, choosing to focus on whats comfortable and fits neatly into their bias version of reality...we all have an aversion to the discomfort and shock of rocking our reality, but the fool is a coward little bitch unwilling to let go of daddy's hand and test the temperature of truth...they know it burns their precious flanges.. Princess fool doesn't want scars, other kids might poke fun at.

The wise have no such fear, they know truth isn't hot nor has a familiar temperature specific to the individual..they feel truth when they touch it.. They'll wear their learned truth unconcerned of fashion judgment, ugly scars they say?.. # em!! be proud to sport battle scars in lifes fight for enlightenment.

We each walk a snails pace along our own path to destiny, its your duty to do so yours, me truth, your truth..That's the nature of reality, we are all a pupil of the I, a learner here to nourish our higher self Id so that next time around, hopefully we elevated by our wisdom..

Our tiny path is ours, we spiritual asphalt below our feet is charged with our personal energy and resonates with specificity...yet, resonate similarly to other paths...Our collective matter is cohesive by law, it attracts to like charge forming a collective conscious multi path freeway of like minds. A shared experience . The fool who attempts to jump onto the highway of the wise ...will be bounced back to their own path of stupidity.. as quick as a magnet of opposite charge...

The freeway of collective truths leads to enlightenment, elevated consciousness, wisdom, and ends in spiritual ascension to a better place...higher vibratory realm . The fools low vibe pocked highway, a low budget circular jerk to nowhere, eventually dead ending into a dank swamp of stupid...where they wallow and bicker with fellow idiots. Their ego tells their lying eyes it's a lagoon of delicious of red bull where they are the #! It's full of money waterfalls where topless mermaid sluts frolic, bodacious tatahas bounce to and fro bro! Harlots wielding battle pillows and starbucks... waiting just for them. They spend days fighting fools under the cash flow for more, This cesspool flushes back down to earth, where they are re-spawned to try again at figuring out the difference between # and shineola.

posted on May, 10 2016 @ 04:59 AM
The Best Thing I Ever Learned From Wisdom Was "Silence Is Golden!"

The Second Best Thing Was "As Above!... So Below!"

The Third Best Thing Was "ATS"

Thanks For Your Post... I'm Sure It Was Clever.

posted on May, 10 2016 @ 05:48 AM
a reply to: GovtFlu

Wisdom is like this

Figuring out there is life after death

Figuring out God exists

Figuring out that true evil are people like CIA and Mossad who did 9/11

Figuring out evil rules this world

Figuring out most people are pathetic and apathetic

Realising you are better than this world

That's wisdom

posted on May, 10 2016 @ 05:51 AM
a reply to: CSISvictim

Anything Apart From OP Is Wisdom. OP Was A Rant.

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