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oh well, guess it was locked....but still worth saying.

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posted on Jan, 14 2005 @ 08:01 AM
guess it wasn't locked....
I didn't vote for Bush, but I would like a shot at answering the question. and then giving my opinion.

okay, it's my understanding that many of those that supported Bush did so for his upstanding moral qualities, his unwillingness to bow down to international pressures, and well, his "conservative approach" to economic issues.

okay, I'll buythat, those would be all nice qualities to have in the white house. But, unfortuately, I think it's been all proven to be a sham.

economic conservatism? well, look at our budget.
the unwillingness to bow down to international pressures seems to be ending up as to defiance of international laws that not even a century ago our country believed in strong enough to work to get established.

and well, let's take a close look at these moral values..

how is it, that the conservative christian block that is supporting Bush can have this campaign going on to clean up the crap on the tv, but then the try to protect Bush and his administration when it comes to the prison abuse scandel? doesn't it just irk you just a little that while you are fighting so hard for something that you believe in so much, that your champions seem to have gone into the business of producing the production of some pretty nasty porno themselves?

with all the talk of turning the other cheek and love thy neighbor, how can you justify the fact the those in those pictures were forced there, by orders and directions passed down by this administration, to do these immoral acts? how can you endorse torture?

Can't you see what has happened? these people have come in and played on your beliefs, hopes and desires, and have somehow convinced you that supporting these things you are being godly. but the fact is, you are giving power to satan.

I am not saying this to put you down or with any anger. I just wish you would open your eyes, before satan closes the trap with you in it.

posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 11:52 AM
Georgy boy is like satan. In fact, most president's since but not including Kennedy have been. They are puppets for the New World Order. Thanks to Bush and his administration we look like a bunch of assholes regarding the way we are fighting this war. Besides the disgusting way prisoners are being treated (but that has something to do with a percentage of morons that the military attracts...these are the same type of men that would abuse other prisoners in prison if they were also in prison).

We are also fighting this war like we don't know our asses from our elbows. We keep poking at the enemy with sticks instead going at them with the full force of our war machine...why? Because the NWO is making a ton of money off this joke of a war and the longer it goes on, the more money they keep raking in. Some assholes destroy the Trade Center and kill 5000 people and over 3 years later what have we done? Diddly squat! We are the United States of America...we used to be feared. Now we are being laughed at. We need to make the world fear us again. We need to do something BIG, QUICK and DEVASTATING to show we have some balls...not that we have had our testicles removed as I think Georgy may have had his removed.

Our "intelligence" community is a joke. If we had any decent intelligence agencies, they would have killed Bin Laden a long time ago...but of course the Bush administration has ties with the Bin Ladens in that both have money invested in the same organizations...organizations that are making tons of money off this joke of a war.

Our intelligence people can kill JFK, his brother Bobby, Martin Luther King, Jr. and who knows how many more they were responsible for...yet they can't find Bin Laden and destroy al Queda? Give me a break. Drop a Neutron bomb on the whole area...wait for the smoke to clear and then put our people in charge of everything.....

posted on Jan, 19 2005 @ 02:38 PM

You're own democratic senator Biden from Delaware just advised the Europeans "to get over the election" and move on to issues that help Europe.

Maybe Biden should also have directed his comments to people here that believe as you seem to.

Move on(.org)


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