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Fracking Protest Gets Pranked By Farmer

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posted on May, 2 2016 @ 09:41 AM
The farmer allowed his emotions to affect his driving.
Ever decreasing circles would have been better and safer.

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At 1:03 the champagne socialist delegates a serf to "Call the police". What's it like being a copper? You're a bastard pig right up until madam wants you to deal with a situation she's waltzed into.
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posted on May, 2 2016 @ 03:24 PM
Hope the police arrested them for tresspassing. I read on another source they told the farmer they wern't leaving and he left they expected him to call the cops and they were all expectiing free publicity. They got what they deserved I'd say

posted on May, 3 2016 @ 02:49 AM
a reply to: mikell

I suspect the Thompson sisters were using the genuine protestors as a vehicle to advertise some anti-fracking product line they're planning. Typical of their sort to manipulate the plebs in such a way.

Many protestors have a very warped view of the police. How many times have we all heard that cry, "Call the Police!" So often coming from someone who created the situation and usually considers the police to be scum.
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