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The flavor of the Universe...

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posted on Apr, 30 2016 @ 08:46 PM
The sun was a blazer in a world of no light. Like being the father of the Milky Way he was only a big baby sitter! One night his planets that revolve around him were chatting!

Jupiter being the largest planet asked Saturn the man with many rings "hey Saturn have you seen Uranus lately"? "Yes Juipter, Uranus is due south at 54deg in the boys room with Neptune".

Earth was making jokes with Venus. You can imagine the verses going back and fourth. Earth said " hey Venus how big is your Genius!" "Well Earth my IQ is 12 thanks for asking now I will give you a moon!"

Mars and Mercury were chatting about uses of Mercury on Earth and how it is a liquid metal used to test temperature.

As the Sun turned red from embarrassment he jerked the chew chain on Earth and turned out the light!

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