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posted on Mar, 30 2016 @ 04:10 AM

Big wooden doors, the men and children were somewhat safe inside even though they were trapped.. But i knew that the once lurking around in here were called dream eaters or Bakkus.. They always show a friendly face, but you can clearly see their markings on their forehead, it bears a sigil of square and a compass..
The dream eaters called Bakku, were just as trapped inside these walls as everyone else was... I didnt like them, they helped me sometimes, but they helped out of fear.. A trumpet horned when i entered, a sound of warning to the Bakkus.. I didnt care very much cause i was looking for something, and the Bakkus knew i would just wreck havoc if i didnt get what i wanted. I was told by the council to look in a place where Bakkus thrived like no where else.. And i followed them one by one.. Inside a prison wall the Bakkus had forged, i saw them.. The men and woman the Bakkus couldnt destroy.. I made the prison wall vanish with one single thought.. And said; "Now the real journey will start" The Bakkus stayed at their distance, cause i warned with these few words;" Any interference and i show the clarity of your lodges "

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