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UFO's and their occupants..

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posted on Jan, 12 2005 @ 08:54 AM
Just wondering if it is true that we're being visited by other wordly beings, could it be possible that they're not naturally developed biological beings like ourselves but some kind of android/genetically developed creatures specifically designed for deep space travel?

I think Col. Phillip Corso touched upon this in his book 'Day After Roswell', which i'm not saying is true but it's still an interesting idea. He described the aliens as having strong bones i think, with some kind of lymphatic fluid which nourished them by absorbing minerals through their skin, just like photosynthesis. We also send out unmanned probes to other planets, wouldn't it stand to reason that other races may be doing the same thing?

Another thing, if we are to believe that places like Area 51 for instance have a museum of crashed alien spacecraft, wouldn't it seem odd that a large number of spacecraft seem to crash here in recent times? Wouldn't it suggest they were forced down, i.e shot down by us?

Anyway i look forward to peoples views!

posted on Jan, 12 2005 @ 01:10 PM
Possible...indeed, many UFOlogists believe this, at least with the Grays...

If you look at the crashes though, you'll find they occurred mostly during a short span of time. Many believe that high-powered radar inadvertently brought them down, by interfering with the drive wave mechanism of the UFOs.

At any rate, eventually, the aliens seemed to have figured out a counter to it, or at least avoid the threat at some point. There is some (still to be authenticated) documentation, that at least one craft though, was brought down via direct military action. Indeed, Lazar mentioned that of the 9 craft he saw, one of them had a hull breach similar to a missile hole...if one is to believe his story.

Yes, Corso did touch on this, but added that it was speculation. He was more concerned with the nuts and bolts from Roswell, and wasn't involved in the biological side of it, and would constantly reiterate it throughout the book.

posted on Jan, 12 2005 @ 01:51 PM
I think it more likely that an alien race would send androids to check us rather than risk themselves. Although, the most prominent alien race (the greys) appear to be very biological.

It is, indeed a mystery.

Like when we sent monkeys into space would it not make sense for an alien race to send robots before they come here themselves. Maybe they did. Would it not make sense that these aliens would also continue to this rather than risk themselves.

But if there is a a "treaty" between the US and this alien race would the U.S not include that the greys would have to come themselves to earth in person to make it easier to deal with.

mmmmmm.... a treaty with a robot..... cant be easy......mmmmmm

There are a few instances were the abductee is taken by robots but not many and to be honest people have been abducted by elves(probably Elvis too) and Jesus so it doesn't carry any real weight. (That i know of)

I can't think of a real reason why greys would be here in person. You would have expected them to have built some sort of AI or just a plain programmable robot.

How could they control their ships at all without a computer of some sort. It has been proven that ancient Indians and some other people built flying ships but they were very flimsy and weak.

So, assuming that Greys would need a computer system of some sort to fly their ships efficently it seem unlikely that they wouldn't have thought about making computers in their own likness and if they had surely by now they would have succeeded, if even partly.


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posted on Jan, 12 2005 @ 06:30 PM
This is my opinion:

The Grey is a genetically altered or artificially grown and design entity that have a collective mind similar to Star Trek's "Borg", Many claimed the Grey were controlled/enslaved by the Reptillian species, the Draco.

There are also stories of renegade grey that think on their own...

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