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Trump orders Secret Service to remove black students from rally

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posted on Mar, 11 2016 @ 06:17 AM
heres the bottom line first... Trump expects people to pledge alligence to him... people are now corporate entities... even if you are not a corporation... you sell your rights everyday away for free by a signature. by pledging or agreeing Trumps terms youve pledged against the freedom the constitution of the US was founded on... at the start of the civil war the US was broken up because catholocism endorsed slavery via a pope. when spain walked into the americas it had full endorsement, of the catholic diasis. the freedom the forefathers lay down? was a fight against the monarchy and slavery of controlling ports and trade... which was free. but as a sovereign dictorate that thought it ruled the entire world by blood, it shed not a tear in the march of the roman empire as it marched across the land requistioning and aquisitioning everything in the name of them self as a god on earth... through the rape pillage and conquer instead of peace unbias and one nation or earth of sentient beings.

the concept of god, being borm from legend became control... and set themselves as judges of others in a dominate control of conquest. the americas were a coalition to stop the spread of such tranny or the terrible lizard of control... the old T party that wrecks or rex. the last dinosaur to fall freed all men women and children from that foul beast that came from the allosaurous before his kindred. many nations in europe lay claim to killing that lizard... or having a part in it uniting them... as nations. George got credit, so he became king. when the pestilence was freed of europe? they claimed the entire world. to seek out other lands in search of what they claimed as a right to destroy the old gods.

we now still celebrate that destruction on the blood of that lost world called oil. when the US split it became statehoods after the civil war... we have been under martial law ever since as evidenced by the fringe battle flags showing military court. so weve been under martial law... and in many ways still are. the battle cry of bigoted tranists is the south will rise again meaning we will reclaim our slaves as dictated by the roman catholic church.

the rebels that founded the US also made sure to break it up complicating things under a republic where citizens had no voice as pockets of freedom to practice animism which is the devourer of all... the ghost of tyranny dwells as a latent energy as we pump its blood into the air as a maiasma poisoning and polluting ourselfs as a plague. when there is an oportunity to bury the hatchet once and for all well those are whom try to end the dependence on it gets buried...

we are like shells how many must one open to find a pearl after irritating the gentle within by a grain of sand stuck like cancer in soft tisses.

all of this energy is an irritant and out of natural balance... every single child? always calls for world peace before perverted by those swallowing sand and spitting it back in their faces. then pledge dreams with fashionable things make promises of rings and fairy tails. to keep them sleeping... live is the most precious to the gollum in a dark cave chained to greed hate and delusion... hoping to destroy US as humanity as a whole. if you want the sovereign? conquer one self or those that divide us into groups instead of in unity. occam was a fool at the end of his rope that he made just long enough to cut it from himself. the measure of a man in animism is his cunning and deception to provide only his needs wants and desires keeping ears plugged tight with wax.

light a lamp inside and the ears hear them calling for your doom... to be the beast needing to be conqured when the true jihad is within not without. once inside is free, hell becomes very apparent. but adding fuel does nothing but breed more fire. and frees no one else... compassion grows from the empathy of having been there. so one sits in untouchable freedom until it all becomes clear. if i am the last one standing? I offer my head on the platter as david once did... but reverve me not paul nor anyone as tartarus is always hungry. we all have keys we all are on one level and we are free to spite our chains by unlocking the slaves first.

not pledge alligence to one man nor woman nor one child that wishes to rule it all when we all are equal in the eyes of the natural law of nature when greed hate and bias is conqured? within whom does it dwell? none it is the very heart beating the drum of life. and all that contain life is precious. the vessel births a pearl and wants to claim it as precious. when we are all created by birth, physical and mental and sadly conception gives rise to duality or either good or bad... when deed is part and parcel instead of freedom to the whole.

eyes, ears, nose, touch things either in ignorance or bliss... the middle way tastes freedom and spits it back out as unbiased bliss. not in condemnation of one nation or individual as a judge among others... one must judge themselves harshly first to gain humility or lightness of spirit energy this taste of truth can be the cause of much clinging and rouse desire and greed. the passion of the christ was that all would be freed by his scarifice so in his prayer? we would never become prey again. but heads on platters is ignorance offered by the cheek full the pig is in the mirror or greed. that creates black and white... spin out that bias? and everything becomes a grey area like the moon or enlightenment... which was a reminder... earth the mother, sol the father, moon the child. it was a star chart like a prison colony of the solar system... in order to learn how to over come the 3 poisons to rejoin the entire universe in a harmonic balance.

since we are 33 and some odd degrees off tilt or axis. to become upright in such chaos? one must find a balance in the world within and either remain to bring balance... sadly many try to control the balance of power as all their own instead of use all energy possible to set it upright again. too much too fast? and well cateclyism... the galaxtic alignment was a signal that we were going to be pulled into balance... that is the new kali yuga or world age and with all our help? well...

posted on Mar, 15 2016 @ 02:48 AM
a reply to: 3danimator2014

WHY is he a scumbag ? As we see him NOW he's selling ,that's all.
The LEFT are FAR more scummier than Trump, a porn authoring, BEATNIK and a pathological liar VS a guy who has made it in big business.
His High school people like him, he has kids but talks alot of S##T.
Character wise he's the best in the group hands down.

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