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The first foundation stone

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posted on Feb, 3 2016 @ 06:20 PM
Im gonna embrace you to a story of never forgotten.. My ancestors are gypsies so am i, from the Kale branch..

My ancestors set out from the land of never forgotten told by a tale of the great wise man of Greece. I cold tell you the truth of the Story of Atlantis, every society has its creation myth nevertheless so did Greece and the three wise men that followed. Still today men look for a tale that lies within the story books of a land that never was forgotten. My ancestors did spore from a myth, but the myth grew into something else.
They settled in a faraway land bringing only knowledge for peace or war, depending on what is above so will it be below and when war comes they will settle in a new dawn. The first stone was laid, and so with it the first rule. With the rules came obligations and with the obligations came a first child born within these walls, not born in a stable with an oxe nor an Ass. But with the first child also lies a gypsy curse, a clock ticking and a bell singing. One thing my ancestors always knew was the art of metallurgy and with the first child, a copper bell was made and it sung for the very first time and a golden age came to life. The small sanctuary became a city, but as in every age of man, the golden child became old weary and eventually died. The bell rung again on his deathbed, and reached to every corner of the laid foundation. Men blamed each other, for things they did not know, woman cursed one another for things the did not understand and the children wondered about a world they did not fit in. They turned their backs on the first stone that was laid and all you could see was the rubble with a cracked copper bell hanging on its ceiling, and an echo went through sung from every man and woman;" I can be my own master" The Gypsies watched as the story unfolds once again, never letting go what the problem really is. And through the city, every child born was a chosen, nameless by its father and its mother, but it never was a golden one. And so did the nameless one also pass away in an old age cared by its mother. And the copper bell rung once again, the crack in the bell was heard to every corner, men and woman turned on each other, blaming one another, this was the passing of time, cursing mankind once more.
For the first time i came wandering through the city walls in my beggar clothes, wondering how could so much go so wrong. I wandered to the place to where the first stone was laid, i picked it up. I wandered to the copper bell and struck it with the foundation stone and it broke into seven pieces. Everything became quiet, and the first copper trumpet was calling and six that followed and Phoenix arose once more.

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