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On the distinct possibility that some may value acquisition/stewardship of resources over truth

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posted on Jan, 29 2016 @ 03:59 PM
The internet is heavily censored.

"There would need to be insane amounts of manpower to effectively monitor the internet."

Yes. In the 1990s. And all paid with fiat currency to automate monitoring. Hell, it created jobs.

"If the internet is so heavily censored then how are you able to write so on the internet?"

Remnants of plausible deniability. Not needed any more really. If I said anything on the list you wouldn't be reading it anyway, believe it. Just prefacing to avoid reading those quotes post-posting.

In the spirit of rejoicing that forbidding something is both an immoral and futile endeavour, here is a short, heavily processed speech:

How many people have been killed in the last ten years?
. According to people who may or may not have financial, protective, or ideological incentive to miscount?
. In reality?

Of course, many of these murders are "justified" because & c. so we don't need to think or act.
I'm going to say justification for murder is akin to justification for theft, rape, disrespect of one's parents and r&r < 1/7.
As in, yes one is abel to do murder, as you cain if you wanna. Yet should we?
Survival of the fittest says kill the weak and eat them so you can have more sex and darwin points, and book says no.
Of course, here "fittest" is mostly anyone who pays tribute to the empire so be proud.

How to get an even remotely realistic estimate of the amount of killed corpses in the last ten years?
Propaganda HQ has a track record of valuing acquisition/stewardship of resources over truth.

How deadly/destructive/immoral is the ongoing multinational war?

What if the resource that tops the list is neither petrol nor tapioca? What if it is obedience, or even inaction, through fear?

What to make of the fact that water is sold to children when in-formation is freely given?
Is it because we live in a society benevolent enough to fight ignorance but not thirst?
Of course water is only sold in civilized countries. Savages just drink

When is a mass killing a massacre and when is it a war?

To what degree does paying for something make the buyers responsible for the actions of their employees if said actions unfold over years?

Have you ever used the appellation "human resources"? If so, do you view yourself as a resource?

Do you see that the narrative according to which it's all right to kill foreign leaders now because America defeated the Axis in WWII is based on the lie that America defeated the Axis in WWII, because them commies did that, East/West Germany remember?

Winning a war is easier when 75% of the invaded warriors are already killed or starving.

Murdering national leadership locally sharpens the thirst for the illusion of power. Would there be more or less seeking refuge and adventure in Europe without the gulf wars and other parallel wars? Would these people see you in a better light?

Lend my words your eyes, and my eyes your words.
Because what I've seen so far needs told, and other views may give me perspective, for want of clarity.

Mind control does not need a sim card, you're the sim. It needs to form one's mind from within. Information if you will.
Who needs to spend seventeen dollars on hauling Bob to a FEMA camp when he willingly nine-to-fives in a cubicle, thus being a financial asset? Who needs to in plant him with a chip when he knows that a cannabis plant on his apartment's windowsill could get him caged?
Make sure he knows the chip from "not television" or "the dark web" though because then, as long as he isn't implanted with a chip it's all good & free.

Some of them sand-African-Americans refuse to give up their hashish and their guns in the name of some religion?
Kill 'em all
After all, school said science says religions are bogus, see.
Because an unobserved period of time ago, primordial soup became cannabis and hummingbirds and David Bowie because an unobserved period of time before that, something/nothing exploded into everything.

That's scientific cosmogenesis.

All right, so science is the Roman Catholic imported linguistics for knowledge, which is translated from the Greek [gnosis], as were not [cosmos, genesis]. Again the Greek alphabet is sort of the Roman/English one it's not read from the right side.

Why is this probably crazy man bickering about words for? Words have meaning. They are the way we transmit experiences, concepts, and feelings. Each word has a specific significance. East of the middle East each letter is a word. In gnosis detailing the origin of the alphabet it is explained that each letter has a specific significance, and etymology may be broken down to these core components.

Thanks for bearing with me so far. Freedom kornĀ® (EBT) doesn't agree with complex thoughts, so Uncle Sam gives it away with the news.

Now about those raggedy sand-African-Americans and Africans-Notamericans who ignore science and say *insert either voluntary or involuntary skewed perspective on gnosis having stood the tests of time*:

Only the fit survive, that's science. So if them un-americans are not willing to cubicle for freedom kornĀ® they're just not fit to survive, see? Now go get that medal son, your corvette is waiting for you in the land of the brave. Yes, just like that video game. Don't worry about it.

Science debunked their silly cosmogony. Snakes can't be cursed off their arms and legs, that's silly. Dinosaurs lived an unobserved period of time ago I tells you,that's science.

"Anyway I know some Americans unfortunately cling to their bibles and guns so for the sake of their feelings, which we care about since we are public servants, we have decided to allow them to believe their middle eastern nonsense as long as they don't put it in schools. Where their children must be and are.
And for those of you who do cling to that unscientific unamerican unfree gnosis, remember to fight other interpretations of the founding documents of said gnosis to the death, see?"


"Muslims are bad. Catholics too, or protestants if you're catholic. All 'em if you're scientifi you get the point."

*end of heavily processed speech*

To the ATS members who think religion is ridiculous, thanks for your attention, and a respectful request to carry on disregarding this epilogue:


It has taken me difficult years to form the following opinion, and some time to make it public:

Islam is the new Commies. Like the commies of yore, they have not attacked us, do not hate freedom and do not hate the american way of life.
Some people hate that we kill them and destroy their countries, yes.

Muslims are so much greater neighbours than people who watch television. For real.
I say this as an Israeli whose life in Jerusalem is made unbearable by people who watch television and sweetens around believers, be they drawn to G by Moses, Jesus, Mohamed or Joseph Smith.
"hate them sand-African-Americans or you're unIsraeli" is almost the tone. Those f*cks are as jewish and zionist as O'Reilly an apostle.
Before 1948, Jews could worship as they saw fit in Jerusalem. Now, we are arrested for even approaching the temple mount.
I am telling you the truth. Draw your conclusions. The temple mount is mount Zion. Zionism is the "ism" of there.

War on Islam is damaging interfaith relations just like the crusades did. Just like saying "the DMV is all good and the war on drugs too, but don't start with the socialism, you liberal!".

How many people were killed in the last ten years?

posted on Jan, 29 2016 @ 05:15 PM
a reply to: wisvol

Dude, ya gotta get in your 20 posts before beginning your own thread and you ain't gottem yet.
Just saying.

posted on Jan, 29 2016 @ 06:09 PM
Thank you Terry.

Consider the OP a pre-emptive response to your post.

a reply to: TerryMcGuire


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