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Domestic Violence Article in Australian Media

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posted on Jan, 22 2016 @ 09:04 AM
a reply to: Skid Mark

Thank you, Charlie. I really respect you for that.

So you advocate a harsher punishment for the perpetrator of domestic violence, say like the death sentence? In all instances? Or maybe some of the time. Or how about cutting their hands off in the interests of an "eye for an eye" Do the injuries suffered by the victim matter to you, or do you just nod and make blanket statements?

posted on Jan, 22 2016 @ 09:14 AM
a reply to: Gothmog

Well he was commenting on the "comment" and called it feminist conditioning, he wasn't talking to you. Why the raw nerve?
Maybe he's right and you are suffering from feminist conditioning seeing how you took affront when it wasnt even addressed to you

I guess I have been called a lot of things in my life

What other things were you called? Or did you just add that for effect?

posted on Jan, 22 2016 @ 09:20 AM
a reply to: Dark Ghost

Assault is assault. Gender is irrelevant.

Personally I don't hit women. Nothing to do with feminism. Just being a man.

posted on Jan, 22 2016 @ 06:30 PM

originally posted by: rockintitz
Assault is assault. Gender is irrelevant.

Personally I don't hit women. Nothing to do with feminism. Just being a man.

Some people should really learn to read instead of misconstruing what was typed. And your last four words prove my point.

posted on Jan, 25 2016 @ 11:44 AM
I'm not a fan of mark latham ordinarily. I can speak from direct personal experience of the "twilight zone" experience that befalls a man when accused of DV in this era in my part of Australia.I can assure you it is a maddening scenario to be falsely accused & more so when this "DV method" is a lawyer encouraged strategic manoeuvre to place the "female victim" in a superior position during Family Law matters regarding future parenting of a child. I too shed tears at the news of Luke Batty's tragic murder & was also filled with pure disgust when hearing of that scum Freeman who threw his infant child from the bridge in Melbourne several years ago like any other non-evil members of society.Whilst always feeling normal emotions that sane & empathetic persons encountered hearing these media reports involving innocent children my emotional responses were naturally heightened post fatherhood.
Knowing full well I had not physically assaulted my ex partner & mother of our only child nor had I so much as raised my voice towards our little angel in the 5 years we shared a home as a family unit I was gob-smacked to receive court papers 5 weeks after separating informing me that my ex had been granted an Interim Intervention Order.
Knowing I was the instigator of the long time coming final separation from my ex of 12 years predominantly for finally accepting the mutual disrespect & mistrust we shared was insurmountable & we had classically "fell out of love",I can attest to reaching my decision was the only way I could see for our daughter to be allowed anything closely resembling a father figure & male role model within my own right .
Due to the mother's parenting style ( & undeniable mental ill health ) I had become the mother's inept & useless sidekick.A pussy whipped,hen pecked,insignificant other in her eyes & I hated myself for allowing it to fester so long.
The extra stresses that came with losing my long-held employment were multiplied by the complete lack of empathy or concern at what to me was a near loss of identity & fear of being a now 1st time unemployed 40's man with limited skill set were huge.
My envisaged massive increase of involvement in our child's world & with it my reasoned reducing of stress to the mother were simply met with increasing stays at her parents of both duration & frequency & even turned into not bothering with a courtesy call to inform me of any stays.Of course daughter HAD to be with her EVERY visit.Whilst this fact pained me I had to hide any concern as the maternal gran was terminally ill at time.So alone most times & in a home that could easily feature in an episode of "Houses of Hoarders" such was the ex's OCD related issues by this stage I realized I had to change my situation drastically to be around for our daughter's future & to be of any worth more importantly in her journey through life.
So after many long nights rationalizing,remembering & soul searching I readied myself for her eventual return & assumed mutual verbal altercation that would ensue only this time I was determined to not take the easy route or placidly absurd one whereby I would end up apologizing for daring to raise concerns,lacking appreciation for the entirety of her role & if she felt like making me then also for a comment or action I had "selfishly" done 3,4,5 or 6 years previous !
This resulted in her moving out & taking daughter(naturally) to live at her parents & my being put on notice if I so much as turned up out front I would be put up on trespass charges.Out of respect for the maternal grandmother whom I was very fond of & assumed she was of me I had no intent to do.
After the initial couple of days of self doubt & near frantic contacting her to beg forgiveness for my insubordination I allowed myself to accept the right move was implemented & for the right reasons & focussed on regaining my lost identity & self esteem.
I started by de-cluttering the home of her possessions & predominately collected crap that she refused to even imagine throwing out over years & boxed up worthy stuff & binned the masses of broken glassware/furniture projects/seaweed,bark,rock collections accumulated.Sadly near 3 years on & the boxes are still piled up in my rumpus room & shed denying me that space over time but although the many perjured affidavits stating my apparent refusal to allow her to collect along with my many pleads in court,letters to police ombudsman & even to the manipulated pasties at SAPOL that seem to be at her beck & call there remains a clause in orders that I can't dispose of her stuff as it will be a breach.
Upon her leaving & her vow to raise our daughter on her own & me to basically disappear from their lives being polar opposite to my intentions on having as close to a 50/50 shared care parenting set up, I had expected her initial hate to subside & even reluctantly to be adult & civil for our child's sake.Still waiting !Turns out some 3.5 weeks after separation & communicating by SMS,calls & emails- mostly me enquiring when/where I could see our daughter & her increasingly hostile/paranoid replies & after my invitation for her to accompany me to post separation counselling,arbitration chaired by hers,mine or both our parents,a draft 13 page parenting plan given her inviting input to eventually agree on matters & finally after being told court action would have to be instigated as she had no intention of compromise & subsequently informing her of our impending appointment at FDR services, she felt need to attend local police feigning fear for hers,child's & families lives & relied on 6 & 8 year old verbal reports she made to police at times that I had assaulted her.
I was unaware of either alleged event as on neither alleged time did police so much as contact me regarding either,ergo no interview,charge,offence or court appearance.
It seems only to me highly suspicious that she decided to swear this perjured affidavit 3 days after I SMS'ed her regarding the FDR appointment where a trained mediator helps couples to reach agreements in their kids best interests & is the last step( & mandatory) before needing Family Law court intervention.Having tried every other option to reason with her & so move on & share parenting responsibilities I desperately wanted mediation as I hoped a neutral observer having heard both sides would steer us towards a child focussed path.The ex did not.Claiming family violence gains a party exemption from participating in FDR & is what she did 3 days after informing her we were booked.Never mind I had not seen her in 3.5 weeks,not stalked,threatened or inflicted any assaults or violent acts,she merely presented to police & completely misrepresented the situation & painted me out as an evil,violent abuser.
Our daughter & I are but 2 of doubtless huge numbers of real victims of Family violence & it's completely fraudulently recorded & reported data & statistics fuelled by mainly feminist organizations & other self serving elitists & blindly regurgitated by MSM lacking values or conscience.Our sheep society simply don't believe,want to or care even as 21 men a week take their own lives due to the biased,corrupt & broken Family Law system Australia has at present as a direct result from the gender politics & cash cow that the issue of DV/FV has become & fraudulently directed.Read this link for proof

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