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MMORPG Game Developer Won't Enforce it's own Anti-Real Money policies

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posted on Jan, 11 2016 @ 05:37 PM
Can't you just use the chat ignore functions to deal with gold spammers?

posted on Jan, 11 2016 @ 08:41 PM
I only ever played Final Fantasy 11 when it comes to mmorpg's. but before long it got to the point that i would get messaged within seconds of logging in to check out gold sellers websites. Brogame comes to mind...because i used their services after getting one of their msgs lol. First i bought a million gil from them, they were quick and had my gil waiting for me when i logged in 30 minutes after paying them lol. Figured i could trust them so i went bigger. And If i hadn't, id never of gotten my relic weapon.- the Excalibur sword.
It was nearly impossible to get it with out litterally having a room full of people soley dedicated on getting each drop. They took over my account for a week and a half and grinded away. They told me it would be done within 2 weeks, so i was happy when i had an email saying i had my new sword before the 2 weeks was up. I even got to keep all the extra items that dropped while they grinded. I Ended up with an extra 2 million worth of items i sold in the AH.

posted on Jan, 11 2016 @ 09:10 PM
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posted on Jan, 12 2016 @ 04:36 PM
I think the deal problem with mmos is how boring and tedious they are. Honestly all I wanted to do is get all of the right equipment to go out and kill a bunch of baddies. But because armor pieces have certain strengths and different boosts it made every mmo the same. With each one making such simple tasks of collecting things into an overly complex pile of OCD mania. I don't play mmos at all anymore. The only mmo that got it correct was dungeons and dragons online. I am more inclined to pay real money just for better in game items. Seriously I have spent 200 dollars buying those stupid keys to unlock boxes!

But at least the boxes give you way better items than what is dropped from any boss battle. I don't mind the stupid idea behind micro transactions as long as my payment goes towards better equipment. I think all mmos should operate this way because honestly it is very effective.

I know a lot of gamers who hate the idea but seriously rpgs are better offline if you want to only pay 60 bux to play one with no restrictions. But when it comes to online games, counter strike has a perfect setup. Sell each individual skin for pennies. Some skins costing more than a small car loan payment.

Seriously I would pay 50 cents per key and continue paying hundreds of dollars playing an mmo if I knew I was getting ultra rare # at a better drop rate than a #ing boss drop.

I think mmos should stop with the boss fight crap and move to something new where you have to solve issues in a different way than violence. But of course this idea is just too "ambitious" and costly.

To me most mmos get very boring after getting to a certain level. Pvp is boring unless it is counter strike or the new rainbow six siege game. The last of us started the ball rolling to have people play as an actual team on consoles.

But overall I have moved away from subscription mmos because I can not play with what I have obtained already.

Wanna play some rainbow six siege on ps4 with me and get away from that mmo for a while? It is the greatest team based video game that involves gun play that I have ever seen.

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