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Has anyone here experienced MILABs (but without the super-soldier stuff)..?

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posted on Jan, 3 2016 @ 11:08 AM

I'm curious to know whether anyone here has experienced one or more MILABs (military abductions), or some sorts of abduction/MK-Ultra experience with 'undercover humans' who may, or may not, be connected to the military, to alien cultures, or to secret societies...

I mentioned not being too concerned with the super soldier stuff in my title, because I feel that's a subject which has been pumped with straight up disinformation in times past, up to and including, in some measure, the infamous 'Michael Prince' (James Casbolt) debacle. James Casbolt, as many here will know, was arrested & convicted of blackmail & stalking, last year receiving 13 years imprisonment for his nasty exploits against his ex-wife. Now, although Casbolt clearly, to my mind, contributed greatly to the amount of disinfo/ misinfo which has floated around the internet in recent years, I can't help but hang a question mark over whether he was sanctioned to undertake this task on behalf of certain factions involved in the military-industrial/ secret society complex. He was married to a billionairre heiress, and it doesn't seem feasible that daddy would allow his daughter to marry an unconnected, unemployed tinfoil-hatter who raved his way across the internet for years, chatting about the Illuminati, MK Ultra, MILABs, super soldiers etc.. (I'm guessing he probably had an ATS account at some point). Was this guy connected, and given a brief to fill the airwaves & internet ether with his ridiculous tales? Could well be - but now, he's disinherited from these connections by the look of things, incarcerated in Southern England, having been called a "..bad man, acting from evil motives, entirely deluded by dangerous, strange conspiracy theories, but not mentally ill" (paraphrased, from the judge at his trial during sentencing).

Leaving that sorry tale behind us - has anyone here experienced the MILAB phenomenon in particular, or, can you tie it to some other unusual field of ATS interest? As for me personally, I've lived my life through a string of seemingly connected, strange experiences, some of which border on the alien abduction front, many of which have allusions to secret society involvement, and many of which are connected to what I can only logically call MILABs, in which human groups appear to have performed abductions, for mysterious purposes. The setting, tone & theme of these events have given away the military involvement. I haven't personally set all of these various events into a timeline yet, I plan to do so, but don't really want to put the whole lot up in an ATS post. Equally, I'm not asking anyone here to feel obliged to tell me their life story, but perhaps if you could offer one or two experiences which are relevant, that would be great. I just want to get a feel for the proportion of active members who have been brought into the world of conspiracy theory by experiences which are highly unusual, involving military settings or themes, perhaps with family members or handlers who were connected to the military, etc. I will share a couple of my own MILABs once the thread gets rolling (IF it gets rolling - never assume!)

Thanks ATS,


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posted on Jan, 3 2016 @ 11:33 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Perhaps it is that there are different strata in society. Each expects a level of conformity and when we do not conform all manner of misunderstandings and confusion arises.

I got involved with a freemason's daughter. I lived with her for seven years. I tried hard to make it work, but they were quite abusive towards me in the end, treating me as though I did not matter as much as them. This is my experience of a freemason's family. My perception is coloured by this experience as the individual in question is very respected as a Grand Master so he must be standard issue freemason. I steer well clear now. I don't like it. Of course I accept it goes on and know I have no right to say what can and what can not be, but I will not have anything to do with this. I find their way of living very empty, controlled, hierarchical and really quite false. They probably just think I am a street urchin.

I was also married to the grand niece of an English Lord. She was very messed up because she was sexually abused as a child. She ended up dying from a pills and alcohol overdose after many years of acute substance abuse. Again, no longer my English cup of jolly tea.

That is as much as I have had to do with these people. It is obvious I will not fit in with them. I prefer humble people who are not so complicated and don't worry too much about pretentious, unhealthy, false airs and graces of appearance that matter more to them than the wellbeing of flesh and blood.

I am feeling quite dark about the way they are treating us in the UK now. We have lost so much freedom and choice. I feel quite abused in my life like they are not caring about us properly. If I had the power I would very much like the opportunity of reminding them of their responsibilities as the so called architects of society. It appears more like they are muggers and looters as it stands.

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posted on Jan, 3 2016 @ 11:51 AM
a reply to: Revolution9

Thank you for sharing your experience - I can see from your post that it's very understandable, the way you feel about it all. As for me, the circumstances of my life have revealed some of the layers you speak of, in ways that are difficult to fully nail down, but my broadstroke conclusions include the assurance that at the highest levels of civil service & spook shenanigans, there are groups of well-connected, powerful individuals, who actively seek the good of the nation, through legal & other means. There's certainly a significant 'dark side' element, but it's not the only power in play, and in fact I suspect it is the weaker of the two. The reason we all feel so oppressed much of the time, is that only the negative stories make the news. There's almost always a flow of significant 'wins' for the good guys, regarding new laws, changes to the administration of certain departments, contracts awarded, stuff like that, but it just isn't reported on. The first sign of an injustice or a doom-sayer's pronouncements, and it's covered in depth for us to absorb. That just doesn't happen for the positive stuff that goes on, much to our common detriment - it would be quite easy to maintain a more optimistic outlook if we were more fully informed of the good which our quiet protectors render in our favour.

As for the masonic stuff, I can't really comment as I don't have direct experience, though I do suspect that a close member of my family may very well be quite far up the ranks. I get the feeling that there may be a superiority battle going on for folk who get involved with it - but again, I really can't say. The closest possibly masonic negative incident I've encountered was where I was apparently drugged/ hypnotised under the orders of a senior police officer who was a mason. Whether it was him behind the incident I can't say for sure, but years later the guy who facilitated the hypnosis confessed to me that he'd been under instructions, but couldn't explain the reasons. That incident is a tiny blip which I'd almost forgotten about, because it occurred during a season in which I was subject to a maelstrom of unpleasant & striking events in my late teens, many of which left a far greater impact than the enforced hypnosis I speak of here. My presumption is that the event was engineered to make me available for some sort of mental programming - but without obtaining the services of a regression hypnotherapist who I can trust (it would be very, very difficult to find one), I'm still in the dark about the specifics of that particular event.

posted on Jan, 3 2016 @ 12:01 PM
yep, a little bit of crap....the masons had a mandatory get me to a meeting to see if I would join....because my dad was a mason once.....I can discern spirits.....I said no when they sat me down....gathered all around for my reply...

then the Air Force....why did they set me up in a different room temporarily.....4 to a room....then decide no, I didn't have the correct sheep mindset.....that was in tech school right out of basic.

the retrain unit for all the air force was there at Lowry, in Denver, but in a different area, way down to the other side of the base..... something affected my dreaming those two or three days I was assigned to that room, funny ...the persons in that room revolved often and for some reason unfamiliar senior soldiers ( not in uniform )inspected our lockers....they took my buck knife saying it was ok and not illegal to have....but wanted it off premises anyway.....that was the only room out of 400 searched....odd!!

I was yelling in my dreams just those three nights in that room...disturbing the entire hall...the persons in charge showed up it was like 4 in the they were in a panic.....never did anything that intense or strange or longlasting before or since. they set me free in just those three days.....gave me back my normal room. they kept my buck folding knife.
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edit...afterwards my life is magic spiritually....I concur there is forces at work....under the radar in all our lives.....teaching and protecting....we should practice at listening and taking in the lessons....they are's good vs evil...
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posted on Jan, 3 2016 @ 12:41 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

I don't want to get into details here, but I have worked with a couple of intel agencies. You were talking about there being good people in there. There are 2 opposing cabals and it spans agencies and military. You can call one with more dark intentions evil if you want, but lets just say they have some radical views of how to get to a certain goal as opposed to the other side that has a much more moral bent. The issues behind them span some of the most discussed conspiracy theories which one may know about, but can offer no physical proof. Both want to maintain or gain power, both are humans and as such have human motives. But the darker cabal has no real compunction about sacrificing their fellow humans to get ahead or attain their goals and that is where it gets ugly.

I was not involved with any activity along the lines of their work, but focused on individuals that went out of control. It is easy when one has so much power and ability to fly above the law to lose the plot and get greedy with their own motivations.

posted on Jan, 3 2016 @ 08:59 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment
In the end I have to say I had no real incidents. BUT I had some incidents that if I wish to embellished they could come across as some thing near what was portrayed in Bourne movies. BUT in the end no real for fact incidents. However in my reading about spies, weird stuff and such. I can believe that US military does look certain types. I would guess they look for a certain type of sociopath. ONE that could fit into the military and be useful.

In my reading about British spies it was believed that in the past they hire men called head hunters. These may or may not have been criminals or ex-military these men got a thrill out combat/kill. They would pay them pretty well or at least offer a large sum of money. Since most did not survive paying was not a problem. Those that did wanted cash which was a problem. The hope was that these men would eventually be killed on the job/assignment. I believe Peter Wright in on elf his books on MI6 said on rare occasions these men would survive numerous assignments and later asked for desk job to get a pension. he said they rarely ever fit into the office routine. The criminals who they hired would eventually figure out they were not get paid remaining sum of money. And return to life of crime then when they got arrested would then reveal they had worked for MI6/MI5. Which did not go well.

I no longer have any of my old books. But I believe Wright did say that British intel did look for men who were very much like their version of James Bond. Real spies do not operate like a Bond movie. He said he believed they did find such men. Some worked out rather well and others had a wide range issues that may or may not been helpful.

posted on Jan, 4 2016 @ 05:53 AM
Thanks all for your interesting responses, it's nice to see that people are posting openly without lambasting the subject material. I suppose I should add a couple of my experiences, to demonstrate where I'm coming from.

When I was very young, aged around three years old (this is my first memory), I was playing football with some 'big kids', whom I imagine must have been eleven or thereabouts. Allegedly I was in a daycare centre, but there were no other kids my age, and only the handful of older kids who were my minders, out in the front garden. This was taking place on a massive RAF base in Stafford, UK, which is known for extensive subterranean tunnels, I found out later. Anyway, I remember slipping on the football, and although I wasn't hurt & continued to play, someone called me inside to talk with me. I recall the interior was nothing like a daycare centre - it was a medical facility, from the features & feel of the place. There was a very high desk on the reception which I couldn't see over, and a small waiting room, no toys, no other kids. I was told my mother would come to collect me, and I was to wait on the front wall. This was odd to me, because I couldn't recall actually having a mother - it seemed a novel thing, a new experience, and I waited out front by myself as the sun was setting. My 'mother' eventually appeared over the crest of the hill, with the sunset behind her as she walked up - I didn't recognise her, but it was a beautiful scene, and she seemed affectionate, so I went happily along with her. I don't recall having any conflict about any other family I might have - it seemed as though previously I'd been looked after a number of people within the RAF, all contributing in a corporate sense to my development. This was the first time I had an 'exclusive' parent. Allegedly she took me to hospital because I had broken my leg - so I was told later - but I'm fairly convinced now, after myriad other highly unusual experiences, that much of what I've been told about the early days of my life was a smoothed over cover story, mainly to hide the unusual medical & psychological things that were forever going on despite being perfectly healthy & not disturbed psychologically. My 'family' was in the air force, and we lived on various air bases over the years, until my parents divorced, and I went to my father's custody in civvie street.

One of the early psychological assessments which I recall took place in a military hospital setting - I was handed over to staff by my 'mother', and then was led into a large room with a circle of doctors on chairs, with one empty chair for me. I was sat down, had some type of covering placed over my eyes/head, and the doctors proceeded to talk to me at length, and to ask lots of questions (which I sadly don't recall - I have a sense that I may have been hypnotised in some way). I recall that the mood was light, they were exceptionally pleased with my 'progress', many of them expressing their happiness with loud congratulatory comments and well-natured joking & laughing amonst themselves. While this experience should have felt strange, I recall that I felt totally safe, and that for some reason I already knew these doctors, and I was happy that they were happy with me. I knew I wasn't sick, and they didn't pretend that I was - it seemed a jovial & exuberant progress report & meeting of some kind.

There were several of these types of events in my very early life, before the tone changed. One of the next major experiences I can easily recall was unfortunately a much more unpleasant one. I will record it later, as it will take a bit of doing. Thanks for now, all comments and questions welcome.

posted on Jan, 5 2016 @ 05:32 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

I'm sorry I don't have any similar experiences to share, and I don't have any questions as of yet, but I would love to hear more! I'm sure it takes a lot to have to relive these experiences as you share them here, and I commend you for your courage. I'll understand if you cannot bring yourself to do it.

posted on Jan, 5 2016 @ 02:28 PM
a reply to: 3n19m470

Thank you for your encouragement, I do appreciate it - and for your concern that it might be difficult to relive. In some ways, it is very hard to look back on it, and I realise that within my soul I still feel quite bitter about a lot of what's occurred. I've felt very much like the subject of a 'rat in a maze' experiment, to borrow an analogy which almost fits. In truth, there's a better analogy, which I'll describe - it comes from a science fiction story which was included in a book of sci-fi short stories, edited by Michael Moorcock, the phenomenal SF writer of yesteryear.

The book in question was from the series "Best SF Stories from New Worlds", and my copy was from around 1967. The copy I had was actually a non-returned loan my 'father' took from the Officer's Mess library on the RAF base on which I was born, in Lincoln, England - the abstract connections, later in life, gave me pause for thought to consider possible meaning having been assigned to its position on a shelf in my bedroom, aged ten. The story in question was called "The Squirrel Cage", and it was an excellent, frightening, imagined nightmare of a situation for the protagonist. Basically, a man woke up in a white room, with no memory of how he arrived, or when - everything was white, there was no detail of any sort, no windows or visible doors. A white box. He found he was wearing white clothes. In front of him was a typewriter, on a white table, with a pile of white paper next to it. He started out by doing what any of us would do - he explored the room, calling out for someone to explain to him why he was in this predicament. His cries grew louder, day by day, as he scrabbled around the walls & floor, trying to find a way out. Each day after he slept, a meal would appear in his room, with a drink. After he slept, the previous meal's plate & glass had been swapped out for new rations. Nothing else happened, he was totally alone, unable to fathom why he was a prisoner in this strange & terrifying state. Eventually, he wondered about whether he was supposed to communicate using the typewriter. He began to write simple requests for an explanation, simply reaching out looking for an answer. No answer was given. Each time he slept, his written work was swapped out for some fresh paper & ink, but no reply ever came. He finally went mad, writing long, rampbling & disjointed prose, screaming through the text that he wanted to know WHY. The answer never came - he was simply observed, his writing taken, his food provided. No explanation - a total nightmare.

The analogy is bleak, and I know I can't have described it well enough to convey the growing sense of horror which the protagonist felt as each day went by (there was no day/night cycle, it was just whiteness). I include the analogy here, because in my experience of life to date, I have often felt like the man in the white room. There have been events so strange, chilling, and deafeningly real, that I haven't been able to discuss them with ANYONE, ever, despite having fairly close confidants through my involvement in church over the past twelve years. I have often, like the man in the white room, reached out to those who appear in my life (I seem to have had a number of 'handlers over the years) - I would drop hints, look for signs that they were holding back some knowledge of what was happening in my life. Surely they knew? They most often had connections to either the military, or the underworld - my handful of closest 'friends' of my youth went on to become respected actors after I had dropped off the surface of the earth in my late teens. Over the years, I would try to ask covert questions, to see whether these sudden arrivals into my circumstance were willing to help me put the pieces together (such folk were always, from day one, dropping hints of foreknowledge, with encoded/suggestive form & style). Unfortunately, as with the white room, nobody - despite much in the way of baiting, with comments which were clearly & irrefutably far too preternaturally precise to have been coincident - nobody has, as yet, been willing to give a full affirmative, to validate my 'quest for answers'.

If I was seeking answers from the walls, I wouldn't expect an answer. It has felt very unfair, because even when I've tried really hard to stay on the centre lane, to 'be normal', there has been an incessant flow of circumstantial engineering. Situations of life, foisted by deliberate actions of either family or state, have often entirely corrupted my attempts to 'live a normal life'. NB - currently I seem to have entered a new phase, a sort of acknowledgement which I will get to as soon as it's appropriate to the narrative.

Now I must add, that I swear to you all, I have not sought out the perpetuation of these strangely engineered situations, meetings, incidents & commentaries (I realise I haven't described much in the way of the events I'm alluding to, but I will try to get to that quickly after this 'scene setting'). This group, or groups, have followed me, as though no matter what I do, where I go, there are people with money, power & access, hanging around the edges, finding ways to interfere, to negatively influence - as though they're trying to prompt a path of self-destruction. I'm acutely aware that these manipulations are not carried out by everyone around me (I'm not deluded into a 'Truman Show' condition), and I do, these days, manage to lead a fairly ordinary (under the circumstances) lifestyle, though the intereference, it seems, is far from over.

Now it isn't all negative, I should stress this. Although the time between age 6 to age 28 was populated with many highly negative events, under the strain of lots of manipulation (I believe including hypnosis & chemical influence, perhaps 'psychotronics' too) there was also a 'hidden hand of mercy', some group who were savvy enough to realise what was happening to me, who were organised, with wealth & influence, and whom have mimicked the preternatural style of the negative element in their engagement with me, to confirm back to me that yes, something weird IS going on. Rather than assault me with confusion & abuse, these have actively sought to encourage me, to motivate me, and to bring to my attention binding universal truth - instead of the twisted stuff I'm otherwise accustomed to.

I look forward to describing these things further, but typing for a long time like this takes it out of me. I apologise for the thin detail of this particular post, it really is just to try to familiarise you with my state of mind & the generalities. I will make an effort to create a timeline at some point soon - the more I think of it, the more ominous a task it feels, I didn't think it would weigh on me like this. I realise now that I'm considering putting some dark personal experience up for others to see, and I hope you don't mind giving me some time to sort through it before I post.

Many thanks for reading to this point, I will get back to this fairly soon.


posted on Jan, 5 2016 @ 08:26 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Just want to let you know I'm interested in your story, though I understand if at some point it becomes too difficult for you to continue sharing.

I haven't ever experienced anything out of the ordinary myself, but from my reading at ATS, I know that many 'abductees' here in the U.S. seem to be "MILABS" related rather than actual 'aliens'...

...most of them also seem to have some 'connection' to the military - whether it is that they live near (or grew up on) military bases or have relatives in the service.

posted on Jan, 19 2016 @ 04:06 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Hello FITO, I am a MILAB. Not sure what you mean by 'tie it to some other unusual field of ATS', unless you are referring to something akin to Project Bluebeam or Remote Viewing. Both of which relate to the MILAB 'training' I received.

posted on Jan, 19 2016 @ 05:32 PM
a reply to: yngona

You are familiar with current status of project Bluebeam?
I trained there in the 1960's but saw too much and left as a child.
They leave nothing to chance, their projects played out just as predicted decades in advance.
Are you familiar with the term "convex tinkering"?

posted on Jan, 19 2016 @ 07:04 PM
I had a close encounter with what I thought was a ufo within the past 6 years(before that, I had a vision of christ when I was a child, lol).

I think, either my mind just totally made # up because it didn't know how to process what I was witnessing, or there were other human beings involved and it was in part a hypnotic suggestion, or a mixture of both. I definitely know there were other human beings involved for some of it. But the most important thing that I took away from my most recent close encounter was... permission always needs to be given. In order to get abducted, you need to give permission. And people can be tricked into it I'm sure. The mind is powerful enough to help trick us. It makes us see things that aren't there. You can't always trust your own senses. Seeing is not always believing.

I only found out recently just how sneaky our own minds and eyes can be.

With that said... I don't believe in anal probing aliens anymore, or God, or the illuminati. I don't believe that synchronicity is evidence of a God or of being gang stalked by the government, lol. It's just us and our own imaginative minds dealing with some kind of trauma. In my experience, anyway.

I'm sorry you're going through it.

posted on Jan, 20 2016 @ 08:35 AM
PS: I also feel compelled to point out that you also can't always trust bodily sensations either, due to something called "body flashbacks." It is real. You can actually FEEL things that aren't there, and it's called a flashback. Or! Something else is going on (like schizophrenia, for example, which is a debilitating condition involving physical deformation of the brain).

Body flashbacks tho. You can feel, see, and hear things that aren't there. Sometimes involving all your senses, or sometimes isolating one or two senses at a time. For instance, you may hear something but not see something, and etc. You may not even know that these are flashbacks.

I just felt compelled because I think everyone should know... you can't always trust your senses. It's a scary notion for sure but I'm not sure it will benefit any of us to deny the reality of the situation for too long so that's why I felt the urge to expound.

Hope things are going to be ok for you, OP.

posted on Jan, 20 2016 @ 10:20 AM
Interesting thread. I've had experiences that makes me wonder. Especially one specific incident in the "dreamstate" that left me bruised,injured and bleeding. The tech used on me too,seemed as advanced to be alien or deep black,well i assume deep black if not alien because it certainly not in use in the medical field,currently. I wrote some threads on some experiences,including my strange and abusive childhood. If you're ever really bored you could have a gander at them,no rush. Or i could pm you some links,don't wanna distract from this thread. A mason was responsible for me being adopted by certain people,lifelong friends of his, and it did not work out well for me,suffice to say.


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