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The Shrewsbury 24 political scandal and human right's abuse within the UK

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posted on Dec, 9 2015 @ 09:19 PM
Many people remember the 1970's as a time of turmoil within the UK and violence especially in northern Ireland however most blame the Union's for this even they whom lived through it as most would actually rather just bury there head's in the sand and get on with it rather than fight for there right's against corrupt vested political interests and there hidden agenda's.

One story that is brought to mind is the abuse of the UK's intelligence services and it's police by these right wing vested interests and the illegal clamp down they perpetrated against a number of innocent but vociferous people as they sought to suppress this cry for civil right's within the UK and to secure there own positions which would have vanished had the cry of these men been heard and more importantly LISTENED too.

Under the Restored labour party which is slowly re-emerging under it's new leadership which have finally snatched it back from the Tory proxy which was the so called NEW LABOUR the current Opposition has threatened NOT to co operate with Cameron's Tory's unless they release files on the Case of the Shrewsbury 24.

This case was only one of many perpetrated during Tory period's in Office which have never been addressed and though an older it brings to mind the one sided reporting during the Miners strikes of the 1980's when systematic abuse of strikers was endemic but the press only focused on the retaliations of a handful of those miners so blackening the entire union membership in the eye's of the wider and more easily led public.

Here is the official Shrewsbury 24 campaign, they have just had the Torys under Cameron once again Refuse to release the documents claiming it would harm national security when in fact what it would do is bring some whom are now members of the house of lord's to court for abuse of there powers when in government and also some former members of the police and intelligence services whom commited this crime and so if the truth came out would then be held accountable for there part in this fiasco.

Here is an excerpt from that site
In October 1972, following receipt of a dossier from the National Federation of Building Trades Employers (NFBTE), the then Home Secretary, Robert Carr, instructed the Chief Constables of West Mercia and Gwynedd to investigate the events in Shrewsbury. More than two months later, on 14th November 1972, thirty-one pickets were arrested and questioned. They were released without charge. Then, on 14th February 1973, five months after the end of the strike, twenty-four of the pickets were arrested and charged with over 242 offences between them. They included unlawful assembly, affray, intimidation, criminal damage and assault.

And this is the relavent page so that you may read more.

Now you may regognize Ricky Tomlinson a well known and liked Liverpool actor and comedian but you may not know that he was one of the 24 victims of this crime against human right's.

Now on this site in particular we have the whole gamut of political ideology and view point's but I would like to hear your opinion's though my intention is to spark a debate among yourselves and this is not only for the UK but the wider audience here on ATS.

Lastly I am centre left (which is about were corbyn stand's though I see defence as a priority and would limit our EU involvement) so I have an entrenched bias and that is were I stand but this is now your thread to discuss this and any other similar cased in the UK and around the world.

Remember these thread's of history always lead back to something and to someone so whom is the enemy of humanity behind this control and manipulation and what was there game, why is this case in particular still being kept from the public's awareness even though new evidence has apparently emerged behind the scenes and what does the current Tory Government have to fear from a case dating back to the early 1970's.

Enjoy, Discuss and educated yourselves about this case and other's viewpoint on this and similar matter's.

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posted on Dec, 10 2015 @ 03:25 PM
The 1970s in the UK was a time of significant social change. The Trades Unions were highly politicised and strikes were destroying British industry. Militant was out of control and there was paranoia on all sides. The governments of the time saw the wilful destruction of industry as a real threat to the country.

The reason why the papers won't be released is that they will incriminate living people. They will be judged without appreciation of the context of the time.

posted on Dec, 10 2015 @ 07:19 PM
a reply to: paraphi

That is a fair comment, many would agree whole heartedly however these men were used as warning scapegoat's, I also do not think the Union's were destroying British industry and as they say the proof in the pudding and by that I mean were is the industry today, it was not trade union's which did for it so terribly and indeed I can point the finger to the removal of state subsidies and increase in energy costs for a lot of this loss of our national industry as well as the prevalence of cheap slave labour which was readily available in many third world country's which once the entrenched corporate elite had there way in removing tax restraints from any imports from those nation's became irresistible to most entrepreneurs and business investment's.

Look at what I mean today, we have the current Tory policy of providing Apprenticeship's with the sound argument that these are what the country need's to provide vocational training which industry can then use by providing the much needed skill's in the UK through our own youth now bear with me.

Now that sound's fantastic doesn't it and I can see nothing wrong with the argument and it is being very heavily state sponsored but then take these facts on board as provided by a channel 4 documentary about two days ago now.

The wage of many of these so called apprentice's is well below £5 per hour which is far below even the national minimum wage let alone the national living wage or average salary.

Most of these so called Apprenticeship's are actually an absolute joke such as Apprentice packer's and warehouse attendant's, apprentice cleaners etc were as a true apprentice would be studying a time served trade such as tool making, engineering, planning etc and add to this a recent report on one of the largest apprentice providers the NEXT group was rather damning and pointed out many flaw's and how there apprenticeship scheme was nothing of the kind for most whom took it and also that the NEXT group's boss is a senior Tory peer whom is taking advantage of the scheme in order to provide vast amounts of under paid cheap labour we can see we have a serious problem of vested interest in the current Tory leadership and party.

So what we have there is actually a scheme which is touted as helping the nation whom are effectively paying the cheap wages of these young people while in fact they are for the vast majority of them not actually receiving a trade they can use to gain job's in the future and are in effect a state subsidised slave labour work force for the Tory elite and there investments.

There is I am afraid actually no political party which fit's Cinderella's glass slipper but given the failings of this Tory government and the fact in my life I have seen English born and bred young people dumpster diving even in Ormskirk were I live as well as living on the street's and begging on the corners even though they are usually moved on rather fast by the local police and PCSO's (Whom I have not seen as much as in the past) I actually think this government is a disaster, I may disagree with Corbyn on his international stance but believe if we make our people stronger our nation's moral integrity will stand us in better shape to regain our position as a great nation and he at least does care about the British people.

I also think that Scapegoating no matter when it occurred is a general crime against all people not just here and could only have served to keep an entrenched and corrupt hierarchy from being brought down.

Take the Tory plot within the same time period as these event's when all civil liberty's in the country were going to be suspended under a military government and Mountbatten was going to be installed as a puppet prime minister*** (the same idiot whom over ruled Montgomery while he was fighting Rommel in north Africa and went ahead with the disastrous Dieppe raid and the same idiot whom made a publicly publicized speech in India during partition inviting the Indian's to come and live with us, this coup plot was real and had received tacit support and approval from the US CIA and upper echelon's of power whom had approved the plot, indeed it was via released formerly top secret US document's that we know this to have been a factual plot though these document's have since seemingly disappeared perhaps at the request of the British government.


My argument is this, When the interests of industry and the ultra rich outweigh democracy we have a serious problem, it took hundred's of years crawling out of the dark ages and the feudal system only to be getting put right back into them.

Of course this is only my opinion but I think it is a valid one, Thank you for your answer and so far you are the only one to have made a comment but I hope to see some more interesting comment's and opinion's like your own before this thread sink's below the surface too far.

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posted on Dec, 11 2015 @ 02:37 AM
Is your point on those OP really about the Shrewsbury 24, or is it to voice your dislike of Conservative policy? If the latter, then you need to re-title the OP.

What happened in the 1970s was a transition to greater democracy in my view. The Trade Unions were - even without balloting members - able to bring the country to a standstill. The vast majority of the population were held to ransom by a few, politically and ideology driven Trade UInionists. Whole sectors of British industry were sacrificed and the workers were the ones that paid the price.

posted on Dec, 12 2015 @ 09:44 AM
a reply to: paraphi

Well I do hate the TORY's with an EXTREME dislike even though I myself am actually a descendant of the aristocracy and not the imported aristocracy either so go figure as they say over the pond.

But to answer your question I only replied with my opinion as a courtesy as you are so far the only person to take an interest in the subject and I value that input as well as your opinion, I actually know a few members of the local conservative party (they are conservatives not Tory's in my view) and on a personal level I like them as individual's but joke with them that there politic's stink's most of the time which they take on the chin while conversely I have met labour party members whom I could not stand but there politic's were in line with my opinion's.

I have a bias therefore to the left as I pointed out in the thread, but if you would like me to bash the conservative party well I can but it would serve no purpose, also I see a dichotomy within the conservative party but they tend to rumple over it as most conservative's are members for there own vested interests, it is party of the selfish in my opinion but nevertheless I see it as two party's tied together by there funding and those partys' are the conservative's with john major having been such and perhaps actually more left wing than Blair (whom I saw as a corruption of the labour party and all it stood for) and a better prime mister than anyone else in the past 35 years despite him being in the wrong party for me while Cameron and Co are not Conservatives they are TORY's which is the other and actually historically older party which used to have as rival's the wig's or as you know them the LIBERAL's (now sadly a defunct party as the liberal democrats share nothing in common with there wig forebears in my opinion).

Now the TORY PART are a much more elite and elect group whose usual intent is actually to represent only the elite and the upper echelon's i.e. the wealthiest in society which they have done during there shared power in the condemn's and now on there own with much aplomb even aping Prince John in taking from the poorest to give to the richest.

Basically I do not like and even hate actually hate the TORY's but that is balanced by a much less fierce disapproval of the Conservative's whom are sometimes to my liking unlike the TORY's.

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