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Back to the past

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posted on Dec, 6 2015 @ 10:13 PM
The word got by that my sister defied my orders and wanted to go back in time. I stood outside her house, and gently opened the door. A man in a suit from the 60s dressed properly and fashioned, held a contract. The well dressed man looked worried when he saw me taking a seat on the couch and said;" Stay, take a seat and explain ". The well suited man tried to escape, and i said;" Walk out that door and its your death sentence" He stayed took a seat next to my sister, and i asked once again;" Care to explain? I never trusted you to begin with, but thought you would know your obligations, i knew you would betray me... Cause its in your nature... Sister "

My sister didnt say a word, the well dressed man stuttered;" I just brought the contract " I looked at him, thinking. " I dont care you offered a deal, a deal for a lesser man, you dress yourself in a suit and all that comes out is venom " He avoided the look, since he knew it would give me a part of his wretched soul...

My sister, filled with pride of her decision " You will never control me! You will never force me to anything! " Maybe she has gone mad, i wondered. " Its your choice ". And as i was walking out, i turned back and said;" Your son, will never climb that throne "

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