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Tsunami: Missing people in Thailand

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posted on Jan, 5 2005 @ 07:42 AM
As most people know, country's like Thailand were only struck at one side of the country by the Tsunami.

Someone I know, who has taken permanent retirement living in a hotel in Thailand a few years ago, was contacted by his family last weekend to find out if he was ok.

His answer was surprisingly "Why are you asking?"

Turns out that in the other touristic regions of Thailand, that weren't hit, tourists and foreign nationals were kept as much is the dark as posible, so it wouldn't affect the tourisme in the undamaged regions.

As there are many people still missing in Thailand and the other struck nations, there is a very good chance that, not only they are ok, but also in alot of cases are unaware anything happend, untill they tune into a non regional newssource.

So for all you people out there that have missing friends and family over there, be sure to find out what region they are actualy visiting. There is a good chance they don't contact you because they simply, in their eyes, do not have a reason to.


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