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Chat with Bill Hamilton

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posted on Jan, 3 2005 @ 08:20 PM
This is text of my email chat with Bill Hamilton about Dan...

ME: Have you ever noticed people watching you and Dan when you have visited Dan? Who are these people? Naval intel people?

BILL: You never see them, but even when walking they pick up
our conversation and have repeated my words back to me.
I have also had covert photos taken of Dan and I together
and sent to me.

ME: What do you say to the sceptics who say Dan is a fraud or disinformation? Does their evidence or case against Dan make any sense?

BILL: Based on the facts that I have gathered, I have not seen
any good argument that he is a fraud. Usually, their information
is insufficient or wrong. I cannot prove his case, but I can
present it with supporting data.


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