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Make It Rain

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posted on Oct, 24 2015 @ 06:26 PM
As time trickles on, life transmutes in disappointing directions.

As we each grow older, we find an unsettling situation taking place.

Where once our existence remained fraught with surprises pleasant and situations desired--where before we had little more than an endless parade of gifts and birthdays and holidays and hopefully vacations awaiting us in the future--as we grow older towards adulthood and attain maturity and independence, that string of incessant celebrations and those causes for anticipatory joy reach a slow but inevitable cessation.

Setting out on your own and moving deeper into maturity carries with it an alarming effect, because once you start caring for yourself it means others gradually cease performing that role. Then without parents and family putting in the energy required for creating those amazing situations and manufacturing those fantastic surprises, those highlights of life gradually vanishes into naught.

Then, with the incessant evaporation of those celebratory moments and the eventual drought of those incessant presents, something horrible happens unto almost everyone alive: You start realizing that the only real surprises left in life are largely negative.

Once your family stops working hard towards making your birthday and christmas and other holidays special, once your parents cease playing an active role in doing everything possible at keeping your reality special, life becomes nothing more than a predictable deluge of moments pre-ascertained. And the only surprises life has left in store for you becomes the potential for occurrences unpleasant to sneak into your existence and spoil your day.

A broken down car, a massive speeding ticket, an unexpected breakup with your significant other, a sandbagging termination at work--these then become the surprises shocking us at intervals intermittent throughout the rest of our lives.

For whence lacking someone loving and caring putting forth the time and energy necessary towards making you feel special--without having someone dedicating themselves fully towards keeping you safe and happy and protected--those horrid shocks and demoralizing occurrences become the only things surprising you from day to day.

Then your view on life slowly devolves, and where once you went through reality having an attitude upbeat and cognizance subconscious that good times are always lurking just around the corner, you start seeing naught ahead of you but cloudy skies and depressing days.

Living through that situation is depressing enough--and recognizing that nearly everyone subsides in similar states should be enough to bring you unto tears. But there exists a simple solution that only a select few implement--but in truth, that answer presents a path we should all strive to walk:

Make it rain.

Instead of simply sitting back waiting for everyone else to make your life special and paint your reality shine, take initiative action towards implementing that identical solution for others. Do everything in your power to brighten the lives and realities of others--and fill fully their existences with so many pleasant occurrences they return once more unto that childhood state where every day they subside in states of ecstatic expectation and hopeful yearning that just ahead lurks another fantastic surprise.

Buy them random presents, take them on unexpected adventures--and learn what they like most and do whatever it takes towards bestowing upon them all they desire. Whether that means delighting them with something simple as ordering them an unexpected gift off Amazon and having it delivered unannounced unto their door or it entails taking them out and treating them unto a fantastic lunch to simply show you care, use your energy and imagination towards crafting for them the kind of reality you wish others would bestow upon yourself.

Make it rain for everyone in your life--whether friends or family or coworkers or even complete strangers. And make it your goal to keep their world bright and shiny even if your own seems drab and gray.

Then, you might find something amazing happen. You might find those people awakening from their doldrums and returning unto a childlike state of exuberance:

And you might find them filling your own life with amazing surprises in repayment for those amazing deeds of selfless benevolence.

Make it rain for others and by showing them those possibilities and teaching them those behaviors, eventually they'll do the same for yourself and others. But even if they never reciprocate and repay those unexpected favors, you can believe your creativity and generosity and kindness will be rewarded from on high in worlds beyond.

Then, upon ending this life and returning home unto the world beyond, you can guarantee for your thoughtfulness and kindness unto your fellow man, the benevolent spirits and beautiful angels there will make it rain nothing but sunshine and starlight for you in return.

posted on Oct, 24 2015 @ 09:15 PM
a reply to: Trachel

A stream loses itself when merging with the ocean. It doesn't trouble itself with the thought of joy or dissapointment. Because this is so it flows unceasingly without struggle.

posted on Oct, 25 2015 @ 01:50 AM

originally posted by: EviLCHiMP
a reply to: Trachel

A stream loses itself when merging with the ocean. It doesn't trouble itself with the thought of joy or dissapointment. Because this is so it flows unceasingly without struggle.

Wise response! *__-

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