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anyone here seen the anarchist cookbook movie??

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posted on Jan, 2 2005 @ 03:39 PM
i watched this a couple weeks back, feeling really excited about what it might potray. Well,i was disapointed! It showed anarchists to basically get together with neo nazis and other ultra rightwing groups and just basically cause mega trouble involving killing and just been crazy,

The hero talks about the anarchists at the 1999wto meeting although there has been some talk about how those were actually undercover special ops put in place to give a negative view of protestors etc.

It showed the hero of the film "winning" by turning in the anarchists to the FBI, collecting a huge (over 100grand) reward, and joining the working world (office) and settling with his (HOT!!) republican girlfriend who went to some republican catholic girls' school by day, but was into all sorts of erotic play by night.

Also, the eldest anarchist who was a throw nack radical from the60's was molesting the young boys of the environmentalists who all squated in the back garden of where the anarchists were all living.

Basically it was a load of rubbish.

btw, did anyone else think that in fight club ed norton(the main guy with the alter ego who starts underground army which conducts acts of terrorism) could have been protraying a mind controlled person?

i reckon so, notice also how in that film he shoots himself in the mouth (commits suicide although he dies) just like the mind controlled victims who conduct special ops are meant to do once the mission is accomplished.

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