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Precious Earth

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posted on Sep, 29 2015 @ 06:30 PM
Old writing, sorry for bare post.

Everywhere I see gold. The ground I tread upon is gold. The sky above is sapphire, brilliant, blue and if I reached out I could be wealthy beyond my dreams, and yet, I have no need for wealth, not here, not in the land I slaved upon before. I have no want for wealth, never have had such a want as the most petty of humans have had. In the distance are trees, their trunks of copper, the leaves and the grass that surround them of emerald. Had mankind seen this, believed this, billions of shots would have rung out, and I alone would walk the world. Its rather funny. Man works and enslaves himself to create an object, a multitude of objects. Of currency, gold, and gems. They work for this and push aside others that stand in their path. So many work for a thing that none have ever achieved. Wealth. Yes, plenty have created a vast enterprise and network of funds. They are not wealthy, never shall be. Its funny. We all die and at your death wealth is meaningless. I must not be the only one that laughs at Man's hypocrisy and stupidity.

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