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Hold Yourself Unto A Higher Standard

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posted on Sep, 23 2015 @ 06:47 PM
Assume the cosmos is just and fair and structured and balanced.

Assume that everyone within each level of reality receives precisely what they deserve.

These are fairly safe assumptions--because if any system of governance exists at celestial levels, you can believe it'll be properly based upon standards of overarching justice and love.

Therefore the life you live is the exact life your former deeds merit. And the level and realm in which you incarnate within these multidimensional realities corresponds exactly with your current level of spiritual evolution.

Like segregating schoolchildren by grade-level according unto their general preexisting knowledge and overarching innate development, individual spirits are most likely similarly segregated when incarnate in these material realities or inhabiting planes in the other world.

On numerous levels that system of clumping spirits according unto their preexistent evolution makes sense--giving them worlds corresponding unto their level of refinement so the entire celestial design proceeds on course. For instance, consider the ramifications of failing towards adhering unto that standard. Imagine the resultant lunacy inherent in incarnating barbarous undeveloped spirits with warmongering tendencies upon otherwise settled and peaceful realms.

The best case scenario would be a complete mismatch of ideals as that still-violent spirit tried solving things on that peaceful world through aggressive means. The worst case scenario would be a total devolution of that entire sphere if enough mismatched spirits manifested within that reality--starting fights and wars that would drag its development into a state of spiraling regression.

So easily we can assume that--assuming a celestial design and intelligence forces at work behind the scenes--only in the rarest of cases would they mismatch an individual spirit unto the overall spiritual development of the world upon which it incarnates.

Bear with me here, because this means something significant:

It means that you almost certainly incarnated on earth because your current level of refinement falls within an acceptable standard deviation for the overarching morality of the entire world.

And--and here's the important part--it means you'll never get off this planet and advance further along the byways of celestial evolution until you raise your current level of morality and spiritual development outside that average range.

Now keep reading close, because this is where things get interesting--because a simple fact holds true: You'll never raise your current level of morality and spiritual development above that threshold by simply following the crowd. Never can you climb above the median by performing unto an average standard.

And that means this: To evolve off this world and earn the right to incarnate on better planets in more paradise-like realms, you need hold yourself to a standard far higher than the median seen in society.

That means you need be far nicer than the average person. That means you need spread far more positivity than an ordinary individual. And that means you need be much more discerning about adhering unto a strict ethical code.

You're only still incarnating on earth because your ethics and morals and spiritual development place you squarely within an acceptable range for this realm. And you'll keep incarnating here forever until you rise up from this cesspool of corruption and decay and prove you deserve the right to incarnate in a better realm.

Thus never mate your morality unto the median. Never accept the base ethics of society.

Only by performing above the curve can you raise yourself unto new heights and bring your development above the upper limit of moral and spiritual evolution accepted for incarnation on earth.

So always hold yourself unto a higher standard. Do more than the average citizen of this planet. Be nicer, be kinder, work harder, spread more light and love on a daily basis. And maintain that accelerated standard of performance all throughout this incarnation on this planet.

Only then can you earn a one-way ticket off this planet into new and better realms. There are trillions of available planets upon which you can incarnate. And amongst them are many worlds that exist at a higher level of technology and splendor and refinement than earth.

Thus perpetually set your sights higher than accepting another tedious life stuck on this world.

Aim always for the stars in ethics and morality--then, one day, you might be calling one of those distant stars the sun of your new paradise home.

posted on Sep, 23 2015 @ 07:00 PM

originally posted by: Trachel
Thus perpetually set your sights higher than accepting another tedious life stuck on this world.
Aim always for the stars in ethics and morality--then, one day, you might be calling one of those distant stars the sun of your new paradise home.

The judgment of That Which Is is insanity!
'Desire' is vanity, and cause of much misery and disappointment!
As opposed to Gratitude and paying attention to the unique present moment, Here! Now!
Pie in the sky 'hope' is insanity, blindness!
What is Real is Here! Now!
Pay attention and don't judge and it all 'changes'.
All 'future' and all 'past' exist in the vanity of the imagination!
With your eyes in the clouds, you will often fall into the hole!

posted on Sep, 23 2015 @ 10:15 PM
a reply to: Trachel

So if you disagree with a paradigm and see a more clear or "true" paradigm....patience is a virtue i suppose.


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