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Deny Dogma Society?

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posted on Jan, 1 2005 @ 03:20 AM
Forgive me if this is the rum and pepsi talking, but I had an idea while reading the "do ATSers only read the first line of a post" thread.'

The jist of the post seemed to be that many of us, perhaps as a matter of human nature (in my opinion anyway) come into subjects with very fixed beliefs and gloss over opposing arguements. Sometimes we are really just looking for our turn to spout our own beliefs instead of really "participating in a discussion".

It's new years- a wonderfully symbollic time for making unrealistic promises and setting goals we don't expect to keep, so here comes my idea.

How about a "secret society" if you will within ATS, perhaps indicated by a symbol in your avatar or a note in your signiture, which serves as a mechanism for "policing our own" (that being military jargon for looking out for your peers). The goal would be to make a commitment to hearing people out and keeping an open mind. Not necessarily to abstain from having beliefs, but at least to leave room for the ever-present possiblity that one might be mistaken.
Long story short, we could put together a "deny dogma" society where members can agree to be more open minded and less dogmatic in their assertions here and agree to accept reproof from one another on such matters.

Not to be self righteous- I've had a BIG problem with this as I'm sure a few members can attest (Byrd, Westpoint, Indigochild, Somewhereinbetween). While we're at it they can consider this an appology for times when I've been too sure of myself at the expense of the respect I owe them as fellow members.
Anyway, its my new years resolution to be a kinder gentler vagabond, and i'd be honored if anyone else joined me in this resolution, society or not.


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