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India's plans for Oil platforms in South China Sea irks China

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posted on Sep, 1 2015 @ 01:35 PM

India’s Oil and Natural Gas Corporation is ready to move an oil platform into the South China Sea to help the Vietnamese government explore for natural resources beneath disputed waters in the region, reports China’s nationalist tabloid Global Times.Vietnam initially looked at an area designated Block 127 but it showed few prospects. Thus the 7,058 square kilometers of Block 128, which lies in the Phu Khanh Basin, will be the main exploration site, according to Bloomberg.

Just so everybody knows where block 128 is. Seriously, they might as well claim the Gulf of Mexico..

India's intention to once again explore for oil in the disputed waters of the South China Sea is an unwise move, as it will further complicate the maritime disputes and do a disservice to maintaining the positive momentum that has been achieved in China-India ties,

Disputed Islands in the South china sea. Just so that everybody knows how irrational their demands are.

The way things are going almost country in the South china sea may be in opposition with China. Either China has extremely bad diplomats and foreign policy to turn its neighborhood against itself, or China see's an inevitable resource crunch in the future forcing it to look for resources in the South China sea. Unfortunately for them, i doubt they can really do anything without initiating a major conflict since the blocks where Oil platforms will be constructed is located very much within Vietnam ..

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posted on Sep, 1 2015 @ 02:56 PM
Well, the dispute is only about China trying to claim the South China Sea. From what I can see the exploration area is clearly within Vietnam's waters. Now, if Vietnam were to build an island within spitting distance of China's coast, then they could legitimately complain.

China is run by hypocrites and bullies.
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posted on Sep, 1 2015 @ 04:11 PM
a reply to: maddy21

China has leadership that is so used to getting whatever it demands from its people, they act like spoiled brats when they don't get their way.

Lol, # China, their leaders are some of the biggest pos on the planet.

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