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Weapon of legacy

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posted on Sep, 1 2015 @ 06:17 AM
The old man and i, watched another sunset in a faraway land, residing a king.
- So i asked; - Did you meet the King
- Yes, yes i did; he replied.
His eyes glazed from Gold to Ice.
- Did it not go well? The old man always has a quick reply, not this time, he didnt even respond.
- What did you say? Hoping to get a reply?

- Why does it matter, every man forges his destiny, either by water or by blood.

The old man never questions his judgment but this time he looks bothersome, the words came out like a song.
- Never forge a mans future, let him forge it for himself. There is no different paths, no different universes, there is only this, and this is the one that exists, there are no different endings whatever path you choose death awaits. The crown is not of importance, it does not offer immortality, it only extends your suffering,...

- They fear you, they dont love you, that is why they betrayed you. They disrespected you, treated you like a dog, they see you as an relic of the past. They want to bury you with the ancient legends of our heritage.

For the first time, i saw the old man hurt a tear felt down to the soil and the words came; they choose fear over love. I cannot lift the sword again I,... always had hope.

The old man laid his sword onto the ground beneath a three of light, and said; close your eyes for three days,when you open them that weapon will be your legacy.

So you take a guess ?


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