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Family and all the BS that comes with it

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posted on Dec, 29 2004 @ 12:54 PM
Oh yes, I do very much love my sister and my mother, in my wishful little world it's all about happiness, love, and singing kumbya...

Pop my bubble and i'm here in reality... The problem?

My sister gets knocked up by a guy who was previously married to a psycho, has two kids, lived in a 450,000 home, got kicked out of it, moved in with his mom, lost his job where he was apparantly making 80,000/yr, lost it because he didn't do his accounting sheets to bring to his boss, so he let him go due to his lazyness/procrastinating attitude...

All this rosey lifestyle goes down the drain, my sister is still pregnant..
Gets married to him, moves into his moms house with him, she is annoyed with his mother because all she wants to do is help her out, ect...

She stops working, he looks for a job, gets one but uh oh, has to pay 2500/month child support...

She has TWINS, has no job, he has a crappy job (didn't get a college degree or anything or the sort) working on statin island at a label making place as a sales director... His superiors are just using him for his business connections, putting him on planes to try and get his business connections, while only giving him 20% everytime he brings in a new business contract.

They fire him after picking his brain and getting all the business contacts he could. He gets on EI, she moves to my moms, he's in 30,000 debt, and they are both sitting on their ass...

They have two vehicles of which they don't drive... (sell them?)
She hasn't even gotten her baby bonus' after a year of having her babies because apparantly the birth certificates didn't come in (mom keeping them from her because she's crazy? [too much to write here])

My problem is that I love my sister so much I just want the best for her.

Her husband is a salesman so he's super nice and too cheesey sometimes, but I like him nonetheless.

So she got herself in this situation and now she's bitching about having no money, yet they are both sitting on a bunch of potential money to help get them out of debt and start fresh...

But they are waiting till his ex sells the house and they both get half, but they aren't pushing it or being aggressive enough in the situation they got themselves into..

They are their own worst enemies... My mom is always bailing her out and sheltering her which isn't helping her become a responsible adult shes 24.

She's married yet didn't tell my mom because my mom is just so nutty that she would find away to ruin it so that my mom could control her life path..
see, my mom is a control FREAK. She's a master manipulator, probably somewhat of a sociopath, ruined her first marriage because of it all..

Anyway, what does one do in this situation?

You can't talk to her about it because she gets pissed off and takes things the wrong way, she's so closed minded, the only thing I felt I could do was send her a pretty blunt email telling her to get off her ass...

I've tried talking to her nicely and she hangs up on me, I just want to help, but i'm thinking I should probably just let her # up and she'll learn that way.

My problem is she is my sister and I just want the best for her, my mom is manipulating her as we speak, and my sister is too stupid to see it.
She knew how she was when she was younger but now she's blocked the memories out so she tries to live in the same bubble I do, except I can see and don't forget... she can't and gets mad whenever someone tries to tell her how it is....

ps: my mom is coming to visit me in two weeks and i'm so not looking forward to it.

posted on Feb, 21 2005 @ 12:43 PM
you could try this sit your mom down and sit your sister down and tell them both to listen and not to say a word until you are to your mom first and tell her to stop doing what she is doing

posted on Feb, 22 2005 @ 03:47 PM
update: my sister is a c*nt, she's lazy, paranoid and mean to everybody around her so she doesn't deserve anybody's help as far as i'm concerned.
we were all on the phone last night and my mom is being the foofy bitch she always is because she doesn't want to stick a shoe up my sister's ass which she needs big time and the only person she will listen to is my mom. when my mom is foofy to her and talks to her like a little baby, my sis' pacifies her, and continue's doing what she does best... go around imitating satan's girlfriend.

I don't give a # what she does, i'm finished trying to help em out, she needs to hit rock bottom she needs to see that her rotten attitude towards others got her all along, and she needs therapy... until that happens i'm not talking ot her anymore... she's is waaay too out of control, spoiled, nasty, and just plain mean. c*nt... i feel bad for her husband... he's taken the role of the front door-mat.

posted on Mar, 5 2005 @ 06:35 PM
TrueLies, are you on the CF chatboard? (EZ boards?)

This story sounds familiar.


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