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Strange noises and atmospheric conditions grip LA - humor

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posted on Dec, 28 2004 @ 07:06 PM
Breaking News 5:00PM PDT Los Angeles

Strange bangs were heard coming from the Los Angeles sky accompanied by an unusual liquid. "These two phenomenon are never found in this area at the same time" a longtime resident noted.

Some scientists and researchers have likened the noises to thunder, but "that never occurs in Los Angeles" many said. Others think that the worst is happening. "Could it be related to that Tsunami in the Indian Ocean?" one bystander asked while another had a more skeptical conclusion; "I think it's that HAARP thing up in Alaska for weather control - they're messing with our tan's or something because we were a "blue" state."

In any case a state of panic has set in. The roads are littered with debris from numerous accidents and people are fleeing to their homes. Traffic is backed up with no end in sight putting a damper on the post holiday spending.

Scientists note that this maybe a natural phenomenon but an infrequent one. "It should end soon - we hope," one said, but those words did little to comfort a beautiful young women fleeing with her companion with streaked makeup yelling "what's up with this - like ohmigod Buffy I'm soo wet and look at my shoes. I need a drink, lets get out of here."

We'll stay on top of this story as more news comes in. If others note anything strange please post your observations. If it's the end of the world we'll be on top of it - after the cocktail hour ends of course....

Your ATS man on the scene - UofCinLA

5:25 Update

Another major air burst type expolsion was just heard and felt. Bomb, nautur or alien invasion - stay tuned for more updates....

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posted on Dec, 28 2004 @ 07:30 PM
Moved this to jokes


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