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The Blind woman, is she alive today

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posted on Jul, 10 2015 @ 07:51 AM
Dream of the blind woman/death of father and money.

The drama within this dream was common, but somewhere the innocence or naivety was there as well.

It was of two brothers, one, a good man, honest and caring, the other arrogant and used to getting his way, much like a person that just bull dozes his way through others feelings with a complete disregard for anything other than his own pleasures. I was the first, yet I stood aside and knew of the outcomes and how I should not be so naive, yet could not completely control this person I associated with, like I was the soul, the watcher within,the person I was in this lifetime, nor did I see the complete future.

The scene commenced with the two brothers sitting on the floor with this most beautiful and sensuous woman, young, yet mature. She was dressed in clothing like that of the 1800's, white with blue striping or similar. Both boys were attentive to her, I on one side with my arm protectively around her and he, my brother on the opposite. This brother was very much like my brother turned out to be when I was young in this lifetime, a sociopath. We talked of something, I think it was of events that were unfolding due to our fathers death.

As I talked, I realized I really lusted for this woman and her warmth and softness drew me to her like a magnet, she was so warm and beautiful. My brother during this conversation was also placing his arm about her in an attempt to lure her affections to himself, his conversation more glib and smoother than my own. I fully expected her to be drawn to him and I would come in second yet again, for it was his way, to take, then use and discard.

We sat here for a long time, talking, I enjoying her nearness, he attempting to lure and she being blind, was in her own world, depending on on us in some way. I in my dream was confused by this, she could not see either of us and so I wondered if she would be confused and abandon my love for my brother.

All of a sudden, she turned to me and embraced me. This was followed by the most passionate of kisses, much like in the romantic movies of the 50's. The kiss was of promises of even more intimate moments in the near future, we were in love, I had won. I had won not through guile and aggressive dominance, but just had arrived at this wonderful, sensual moment in time by just being what I was.

We then parted, my brother was taken aback by this and seemed angry as he was not used to losing, especially when it came to women. At this point, rather than being the victor, the better of the two, I became angry at his overbearing behavior, his anger at our honest love, his apparent jealousy. Hardly moving, I reached out with a well directed fist and hit him in the face, sending him back away from her and myself.

My brother then rose to his feet, a look of shock on his face but surprisingly, not one of anger to the point of continuing the fight, he had lost and knew it. So he walked out of the old farm house and out to the barn to harness up the horses and leave us. I followed him out and was aware of several others whom was there to help settle matters due to the death of our father. These were friends of his and ours, they were neighbors and good people it seemed, but then we never know what is within.

As my brother got ready to leave, I had the feeling he would not return so we started to gather up some large and heavy coins of great worth. It seemed that our father was a wealthy man and was careless of where he left his wealth of coins, they were stacked on counters within the barn. I knew that it was better that others did not enter the barn where the money was kept, or perhaps it would have been stolen long ago. So I gathered arm full's of these heavy coins and exited the barn, they were large and heavy coins. I believe they were gold, yet they were old and copper in color. I carried these to my brothers wagon which was now harnessed. I wondered at why he was taking the large wagon for his trip, after all there was only one of him and suggested he take the small carriage instead.

As I watched myself carry out the hoard of money to share with my brother, I also watched the men whom were helping stop their work, staring at us, their mouth became agape, eyes wide and envy in their eyes at seeing the stack of money I had carried out of the barn. I knew this man I was was also very foolish to have tempted the other farmers as he was doing, but could not control him.

As I talked to my brother, some time passed, enough time for the other men to find their way into the barn through the back door. I think enough time had passed for my brother to have driven the horses and wagon out of the yard and start his journey from which he never returned.

I turned around and headed back to the barn when I noticed the other farmers and hired hands exiting the back side of the barn, and each of them had a large armful of these golden coins. I knew if they were intent on stealing these, they outnumbered myself and I could not have stopped them, yet I tried by talking to them. Rather than violence, they put down the coins in peace as stealing was not really what they wished to do, they were just tempted it seemed.

I feel the coins were not just money,they were symbolic of something else and should have been shared, but the dream stopped there as I woke. But in my mind, I knew the life of those two seemed real, the young man with his soon to be blind bride was to continue for a lifetime for those two. I knew of their children yet to be born, the trials, good and bad yet to be lived, it was just a beginning, not an end of a dream for as said, all endings are a new beginning.

I am adding to this for a thought recently came to me. It was of the clarity of this story, almost a memory. I insert this for fantasy sake. My wife is more like a woman of that era in her attitude and the way she approaches life. She lives her life simply, content with simple things, willing to live in ways other people would not. Anytime she hears people complaining, her answer is always, "be happy, at least you can see". She values being able to see above all else, everything is a gift which centers around this.

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