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Michael Jordan: Brands That Kills?

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posted on Jul, 9 2015 @ 12:17 PM
a reply to: BlockBanOutkast

You don't want to say anything else that would at least make it look like you have a brain?

I do,

however it might point to you not having brain to some readers,

Well simply because this shoe causes the most violence and mayhem out of any other shoe on the market.

People have gotten killed and robbed over these shoes and even trampled and placed in a hospital over trying to purchase the shoes at the store.

This is evidence of a brain dead society, stuck in such materialistic ways and view points that one can as you have said blame the material, or look at the real issue, some people just lack compassion and their self image is sooooooooo low that they need materials with popular brands names on them to feel better about themselves.

Some need to steal them in a violent manner to gain or uphold their reputation.

Its so easy to blame shoes or anything for that matter, many blame others for their problems.

Another big problem with KILLING or ROBBING someone over man made products is that you rather show LOVE to a PRODUCT than a actual PERSON. Your intentions are not to kill or rob the PRODUCT but to kill or rob a PERSON for a particular product. How sick is that?

Its not another big problem, it is the problem,

the people willing to do such, its not the material possession but the person willing do anything to get it.

It is important that you know that these shoes are probably the Devil's favorite shoes ever put out on the market. But why you may ask?

No I don't ask why,

I just read stupid things all the time on the net, I dont ask why.

What I do do is have a giggle to myself when people think they know the intentions of God or any other beings from the Bible or any other holy or mythical texts.

The topic that Michael Jordan shoes kill people is a fact and not a false reality.

No that one hell of a delusion actually.

A shoe, (doesn't mater what brand name) is an inanimate object, even if a person were to use a shoe as a weapon they would be better of using their hands, unless there are high heels involved, they can be deadly.

Telling someone you feel sad for their mother is not name calling I'm afraid. It's more so to say your Mother had a hard time educating you or maybe even your prior teachers perhaps. And there is no reason why we cant talk about the celebrity culture that is driving our kids mad but I would prefer to discuss that on another thread.

So something that could be of relevance to your ignorant points in your OP and actually point the thread in the right direction that might make some sense is something you would rather discuss in another thread?

Well done

edit on 9-7-2015 by InhaleExhale because: (no reason given)

posted on Jul, 10 2015 @ 11:42 PM
a reply to: BlockBanOutkast

• Missed comma or period after "OK".
• Missing comma after "way"
• Missing apostrophe in "lets"
• Period used after "hand" instead of colon
• Missing comma after "But" or after "why"
• Missing comma after "Well"
• Missing comma before "and even"
• "Go through (great lengths) instead of 'go TO'
• "NOTHING ABOUT YOU" instead of 'nothing about THEM'
• Missing comma or period after "Yes"
• "Cares" instead of 'care'
• Missing comma after "But"
• Missing comma after "Matter of fact"
•"but" instead of 'except (for)'
• Missing comma after "Meaning"
• Lazily implemented ellipsis points (...)
• Missing comma after "So"
• Missing comma after "once again"
• "CARES" instead of 'care'
• Missing hyphen in "man made"
• Missing comma after "PRODUCT"
• Missing comma after "PRODUCTS"
• Missing comma after "but"
• "you" instead of "you have / you've"
• Capitalised "Lets" mid sentence
• Missing apostrophe from "Lets"
• Missing apostrophe from "its"
• Capitalised 'i' in "IPhone" (*technically should be hyphenated also)
• Missing comma after "IPhone"

You really should try to grammar-check your posts before you post them; if you want anyone but Call of Duty reared tweens to read them. I have seen much, much worse though... if that's any consolation.

Notwithstanding, here's a good documentary addressing the very subject matter you're alluding to -- the indoctrination into materialism of the proletariat and the deleterious offshoots thereof: The True Cost (2015), IMDb

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