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Persistent surveillance systems: the future of Big Brother

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posted on Jul, 7 2015 @ 07:40 AM
First let me say I did do a search on this topic and the only thread I found was from way back in '06, and there wasn't much to it. Hence the new thread.

I was perusing various headlines and saw this article. Looked at where it was from and it was the Daily Mail, so obviously I decided to see who else had anything on it. Found the attached link.

These surveillance systems were used overseas to spot incoming ground attacks as they developed as well as spot IEDs being planted. It sounds like the system either already is in use or was in use in Dayton, Ohio, with plans to make it permanent. Dayton (and the company) say it helped reduce crime and contributed to crime resolution.

The company wants to expand to other U.S. cities now (they're a business so...yea), and is promising that they've already come up with guidelines and policies. One example is they limit any person to "one pixel" and use the system to track them to a car, then identify the car. The problem with that is immediately obvious to me: it's an easy argument to say "that wasn't me driving the car." Add to that the FISA court repeatedly giving the Feds carte blanche when if comes to surveillance and I can easily see these "policies" getting rewritten in a hurry.

Anyway, thought it was interesting. Enjoy. l Article Company site
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