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Graz attack kills 3 & injures over 30. Latest in series of Muslim vehicular attacks.

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posted on Jun, 21 2015 @ 05:21 PM
a reply to: Marshww

Ya that is what this Roff kid thought too.

posted on Jun, 21 2015 @ 05:26 PM

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posted on Jun, 21 2015 @ 05:45 PM

originally posted by: Boeing777

The incident in Glasgow was not a terrorist attack. The waste collector lost control of his vehicle and crashed into some pedestrians. I knew the girl who died there.

I never said the Glasgow bin lorry was terrorism per se, but I guess it's splitting hairs... lonewolf Jihadist etc.. whatever... They are deranged individuals, who are acting on some very evil inspiration from radical/extremist leaders.

I guess it's all terrorism really though. The virus has propagated to every corner these days.

Anyway though, are you making some sort of connection with knowing the girl, to the incident NOT being some extremist/terrorist???? I don't see how you make that leap. My sincere condolences to you, but knowing one of the victims, doesn't mean you know for sure it wasn't some radical nut job who caused this.

I did a lot of digging around when it happened, and there are quite a few possibilities depending on whether the lorry was dual-control or not. It seems the council has both types of bin lorry (yes I investigated it), but wouldn't say if the one involved was dual-control or not. Initially the council said that no information or names would be released about the driver(s), and they were sealing the case records. Then they released the Harry Clarke name, but even if Harry Clarke was the actual driver, if the truck was dual control, one of the two other men with him could have knocked him out and steered the truck into the crowd.

At first it never occurred to me to suspect anything, but then I read about the attack on the Christmas Market in Dijon France on Dec. 21st, and the Nantes vehicular attack on a Christmas market Dec.22nd (THE SAME EXACT DAY AS THE BIN LORRY CRASH!). AT this point the Glasgow incident started to look HIGHLY SUSPECT.
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posted on Jun, 21 2015 @ 05:57 PM
a reply to: 8675309jenny

Mean while in America we have an attack on our people here and you are silent on it?

just had to go all AKBAR DURKA DURKA JIHAD!!!!!!!

The class is strong in this thread.

posted on Jun, 21 2015 @ 07:23 PM

originally posted by: Boeing777

The incident in Glasgow was not a terrorist attack. The waste collector lost control of his vehicle and crashed into some pedestrians. I knew the girl who died there.

First of all, my condolences to you and her family. How can you be sure there was not foulplay involved in the crash though? I absolutely mean no disrespect, and any victim of such a tragedy deserves the truth to be uncovered.

I too thought nothing but terrible accident when I heard the news, but it was only a few days later when I learned of the Jihadist's attacks on Dijon and Nantes France. The Dijon attack took place Dec. 21st and was a vehicular homicide by deliberately crashing into a crowded Christmas market. Then on the morning of Dec.22nd another Jihadi smashed into ANOTHER Christmas market in Nantes. AND THEN MERE HOURS LATER, a freakin BIN LORRY mysteriously accelerates UPHILL and then swerves into... wait for it.... A CHRISTMAS MARKET!!

Coincidences do happen, but c'mon now, seriously???

The council first states they would not be releasing any names and all records related to the incident were sealed indefinitely:

And then later they seem to change direction and name Harry Clarke as the driver. Even if he was the actual driver at the time, if the lorry was dual-control, one of the two other blokes in the cab could have knocked him out and then steered/throttled from the passenger side. The whole thing has been very hush hush though and just overall suspicious. But then combine it with the two t=other attacks on Christmas markets immediately preceding the Glasgow incident, and it's pretty clear I think.

originally posted by: Boeing777

As to what happened in Austria, the perpetrator's identity has not been released so nobody knows who he is.

I left in a rush earlier, but it was already confirmed he was a Bosnian Muslim, and then his name was released just after I got on the road. I do my best to not jump the gun with half-assed conclusions. The guy's name was Alen Rizvanović. It seems his wife did not take kindly to his abuse, so she left him and filed for divorce.

After his arrest after Saturday's killings, he is understood to have said that he was on his way to the police station because he wanted to complain about his eviction, and he also felt persecuted, reported national Austrian newspaper Österreich. According to the paper, anger may then have overwhelmed him and he lost control of himself.

A SUV which drove into pedestrians stands at the scene of crime (EPA)
Police have said there is no indication that he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and have searched his home but have been unable to establish a motive, although national police director Josef Klamminger said they had ruled it out as a terrorist act and that family and psychological problems were the trigger.

Among the three people killed is recently-married 28-year-old Adis Dolić, originally from Bosnia, who had been walking with his new wife Adisa when they were both knocked down after being hit from behind when the car mounted the pavement. Dolić was killed instantly at the scene, while his wife is now in a coma.

The carnage began shortly after midday on Saturday when the driver hit the couple walking on the pavement. Siegfried Nagl, the mayor of Graz, was riding his Vespa at the time just metres in front of the speeding green SUV and witnessed the tragedy, only managed to escape injury himself by quickly mounting the pavement.

After expecting the car to stop following the collision, Nagl recounted how the car raced ahead, “deliberately trying to hit people on the sidewalk”, he told a press conference.

The driver is then reported to have got out of his car in front of a supermarket, pulling out a knife and stabbing two people, before abandoning his victims collapsed on the pavement and speeding off again towards the city’s main square.
He then mowed down two cyclists at a set of traffic lights, before hitting another person on their bike, and then racing along the busy main shopping street of Herrengasse, killing a 25-year-old woman and a four-year-old boy in front of the city’s parish church. He was then seen continuing on to the bustling main plaza, crashing into the outdoor dining area and injuring eight people.

As panic broke out and passers-by fled screaming into shops and doorways, Rizvanović reportedly sped off before coming to a halt near to the police station, where he was ordered out of the vehicle and arrested. He was brought to the police detention centre where he was examined by doctors, who reported that he was unable to respond to any of their questions.

A total of 83 ambulances and emergency medical vehicles and four rescue helicopters converged on the scene.

Just on his way to complain about an eviction??? Sorry, I'm not buying it; this was totally pre-meditated, he brought the knife with him, attempted to murder people by stabbing after leaving the car, and then re-entered the vehicle and continued on his spree, stopping multiple times and resuming.

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