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Why I give credence to psychic ability

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posted on Dec, 25 2004 @ 04:05 AM
I had never been one to put much credence in psychic readings, but a series of readings done, when I was eighteen, kind of opened my eyes. This lady ran a small business out of her house and would schedule one hour appointments to perform "readings". She encouraged you to bring a tape recorder so you could have a record to reference back to. My mother would schedule an appointment about twice a year and always come home amazed. Some of her predictions were pretty startling and would make the hair stand up on your neck. She predicted a car accident, sometime in late summer, which I would be involved in but luckily there would be no injuries. Sure enough in late August a drunk driver plowed into the side of my car going about forty miles an hour. He hit exactly in the front right tire of my car. The impact was absorbed by that tire so much in fact that none were injured in my car. I was lucky, to say the least, as it could have been a tragedy if he would have hit one foot further down the car. That psychic was now one for one. Next, on a subsequent reading, she told my mother that her father and mother, who had passed away years before, were in the room and that her father wanted to tell her that they were fine but that her mother wasn’t saying anything. My mother was pleased that she was “channeling” her parents but wondered why my grandmother wouldn’t speak. The psychic told her that my grandmother was still upset about her leg. This was shocking because right before my grandmother died they had to amputate her leg, due to diabetes, and she was very distraught and angry at her family for making the decision to have it done. How could this psychic know something as personal as this? It was very strange so she saved that tape so she could play it for the rest of the family. Finally, in a reading late that year, she told my mother that her oldest son (myself) would find the love of my life when I was around twenty four and that her name would be xxxxxx.
Nine months into my twenty fourth year I began to run into this girl everywhere I went. Up until that point I had never seen her before, but all of a sudden everywhere I went she was there. Well, my friends kept telling me about a girl that they wanted to introduce me to but I kept blowing it off. I had a co worker, who happened to be an older lady, that kept saying she wanted to set me up with he granddaughter. I was getting frustrated with everybody trying to play match maker but I figured hey why not. I decided to take my friends up on the offer and meet this girl. Well, to my surprise it was the girl that I kept running into everywhere I went. Even stranger though, this was the granddaughter that my co worker wanted to introduce me to. This co worker, and my friends, did not know each other so it was kind of strange that it was the same girl. Well, things worked out great from the start and seven years later we were married and have been happily married since.
The other day, when I was visiting my parents we started talking about that psychic, she had moved away years before, and decided to break out those tapes to see if she had predicted anything that we hadn’t paid attention to over the last nine years. I had forgotten about that lady and her “scary” predictions. I remembered that she had predicted my car accident but forgot all of the other “junk” that she had claimed so I thought it would be worth a laugh. Most of the info was minor things that were of no importance. When we got to the point that she discussed me though, we all just kind of stared at each other in amazement. She had accurately told my mother the name of the girl I would marry six years before I had even met her.

posted on Dec, 25 2004 @ 04:12 AM
An incredible story, if this is true, I would be a believer too. I already believe psychic ability can and does exist, I just do not have any verification of it. I wish I had met your psychic friend.

posted on Dec, 26 2004 @ 10:53 AM
that was a cool story, skychief. Around 10 years ago I had a similarly accurate reading, and forgot all about it. Recently, I remembered having a reading with a friend when I was in my teens and realizing that she told me someone's name, first, then when I asked the last she gave me a last name too....And some other good stuff

Still, I am content to leave my experiences at that. Not because I don't believe I will ever receive another accurate reading (though its possible), but because, I don't feel it necessary, especially if it costs money.

posted on Dec, 26 2004 @ 05:44 PM
True duh squared, I don't think you should charge for having that kind of gift. I personally have never paid for any services such as this and probably never will. Weird thing about this story though, is the fact that this woman never even met me and was that accurate just from talking to my mother.

posted on Dec, 27 2004 @ 12:57 AM
Yeah that is pretty incredible.
Do you think this psychic was able to give your mom so much info pertaining to you, because you play such an important role in her life?
Okay here's what I mean-

Say you were to have an accident, it would be a very big deal to your mother. So, the car accident would be an event in her life, too. In some ways such happenings could have more effect on her than it would you (as far as mental and emotional energy over the situation)... And, though she was able to name woman you would one day marry, she was giving your mom the name of HER future daughter in-law.

Still, full names/details without you even knowing about it (so therefore couldn't claim its self-fulfilling)... that gives this psychic a lot of credibility.

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