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My little story

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posted on Dec, 25 2004 @ 04:03 AM
Iv seen people posting their stories on here, some happy (bingo winnings) and some just creepy (rocking horse)
Just thought id post my own odd story.

BTW Merry Christmas to all who celebrate.

Well this begins a few years back. Right now I am only 18 and i used to be quite the troublemaker. (Sometimes still am :cool
One holiday, i cant remember what one, our family had gathered at my grandmothers house. Now i really used to be quite the troublemaker. So one of the days we were there I had the bright idea of running toward the bathroom yelling, FIRE FIRE, I see a FIRE!!! (There was candels lit around the house) To to scare the # out of everyone. So everyone is sitting in the family room and i wait until the perfect time. Everyones quiet and i jump up and yell FIRE FIRE. And i run for the bathroom. Now as im running i think this was funny as hell. And very much to my suprise i arrive at the bathroom only to see that one of the candels had actually caught a towel in the bathroom on fire which was very near a wall. This scared the hell out of me! So whats the first thing i say when i get in there? "Holy # i was right" After that the people running behind me arrive and i grab a towel on the counter. Now the really funny part was when i take that towel get it wet and ring it out over the fire in an effort to put it out. Well what happened is that towel had some chemicals in it that made the fire out higher, again scaring everyone even more. Then someone had gotten a fire extinguisher and then they put the fire out.

Now why put this scary/funny story in the paranormal studies forem? I just think its very wierd that at that exact moment i had the idea to "fake" a fire... Maybe a sign that i should stop causing trouble? Or a (in my opinion) cooler idea that my thought of it happening caused the fire? (No other evidence to back this up) Or perhaps it was just right timing? I dont really know. Just one of those strange things that happen to people every once in a while and is fun to hear about.


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