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The Rules (poem)

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posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 08:21 AM
This is something I wrote awhile ago..NOT my normal style..

"Please follow the rules of the state.
The rules must be observed at all times."

This phrase echo's through the huge auditorium as people wait in line for "their turn". Over and over again, the voice demanded to be heard, seeping into the deepest part of your mind. If one was not careful, you would catch yourself repeating the same phrase in your own head when the speakers went silent.

There were huge TV screens on the wall, playing different messages over and over again. Each one you were forced to pass by while you were waiting in line for your turn. Sarah had only made it past three, but the images and words were forever engrained in her head. She wondered how they did'd they do that?

"Please follow the rules of the state. Free thinkers are not welcome here."

Video one:

Don't say anything that's too deep,
All our secrets you must keep,
Obey, obey, and submit as well,
Do as we say, and all will be well.

Don't think that you can be yourself,
We might deem that you need mental help.
Send you to one of our facilities,
We will tell you what you can/can't believe.

Thinking for yourself, NOT allowed,
All rules of the state, must be followed.
You will conform or be reconditioned,
There is no thinking without our permission.

"Please follow the rules of the state..
privacy is no longer allowed"

Video 2:

Make sure you are visible at all times,
We know you all want to commit crimes,
Just remember, we are watching you,
and know everything you say and do.

No spending money without consent,
We need to account for every last cent.
How else will we know what you buy,
And send you ads for things you should try.

Don't put anything unusual online,
We might just deem it as a crime,
Show up at your door late one night,
Target you with our laser sights.

"Please follow the rules of the state...
Free speech is still long as it is what we tell you to say"

Video 3:

Don't, just don't, say what you want,
You may think it's alright, but really it's not.
If you want us to, we can write you a script,
If it's not on that page, keep a tight lip.

Everything must go through our filter,
Videos, movies, TV, and newspaper.
We will let you say what we want you to,
Cannot let you have your own point of view.

Remember, life will always be good,
If you do and say just as you should.
Stay in line and wait for your turn,
For now, nothing else is of concern.

Sarah walks past the last screen. She knew what they were doing, but they couldn't get into her head, she was too strong. She continues to wait in line, making sure she stayed within the yellow strips they had on the floor. After all, we must follow the rules..yes?


posted on Jun, 6 2015 @ 01:53 PM
Really enjoyed reading this going to check out your other work now loved this bit the best No spending money without consent,
We need to account for every last cent. How else will we know what you buy, And send you ads for things you should try.
So true ...

posted on Jun, 9 2015 @ 04:54 PM
a reply to: blend57

Ummm...I really loved this poem Blend...I can relate to the yellow stripe on the floor...I always comment when I cross a line on the road...oops I just ran over some paint...because once I got a ticket for doing just that...a $180.00 reminder of the power of a painted line and the consequence of not following that particular rule...

Be well my friend



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