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Can anyone identify this strange celestial body in the sky?

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posted on May, 30 2015 @ 06:20 PM
a reply to: EndOfDays77

Don't be foolish. Anyone can tell right away that those are lens flares, just like the one in the photo in the OP. If you had even the slightest understanding of gravitational physics, you would realize just how ignorant you appear. Not only "Planet X", but its' moons? Come on...

posted on May, 30 2015 @ 08:51 PM
Yeah it's lens flare. You can even see the second one start to form as the video conveniently ends. Man, I've been seeing this exact kind of thing for ten years. Ever since Nancy failed to deliver back in the early 2000s with the excuse along the lines of "I got the translation wrong" or something, people have been posting all kinds of things about how Planet X is out there RIGHT NOW! The thing has been apparently hovering in our skies for ten years, going no where fast, with picture after picture of a red planet with moons or no moons near the sun in x part of the world where it can only been seen there! And every government is in cahoots, hiding it from us.

Lol. I'm sorry I'm not trying to ridicule anyone for this, but...ten years I've been seeing this very claim. Somebody posts an edited video of what they want you to see, or a photoshop picture or lens flare picture with moons attached. 12 years or longer since everyone figured out once and for all Nancy was full of it, with only a single promise left for her to give her diehard believers "don't worry, planet X is still coming...someday! I might have been off by a decade or so"

In those days I didn't believe any of the planet X business, but I kept my eye on things because I didn't like any of the doomsday talk and what would happen in the event a rogue planet was to suddenly fly by us. The aliens and mining gold was so lol to me and still is. When the day came and passed, all I saw out of Nancy was some serious PR for days. She caused real harm to people back then with the things she told them to do in preparing for PX. Why it's myth continues to survive to this day boggles my mind, aside from the monetary gains out of gullible people, of course.

To this day the zetatalk website is exactly the same in design, with pictures dating back to 2003 and as recent as 2015 last month showing the supposed Planet X with it's moons behind it in fast pursuit. /sigh I know because I just checked. First time since 2003... so for 12 years planet X has been up there, staring us down. Daring us to look at it wrong at which point it will fire it's engines and come and end us. The zeta will take our gold and leave. Great.

posted on May, 30 2015 @ 10:36 PM
Here's some critical thinking for you OP.

Look at the size of the Sun in the sky.

Look at the size of the moon in the sky.

Look at how big that lens flare is on the image.

Think about the fact that you live on a globe.

Now, do you honestly think that it is a celestial body that can only be seen from South Africa, because if would have to be HUGE if it was a real object to look that big.

Other people would have seen it.

The application of common sense goes a long, long way.

posted on May, 31 2015 @ 02:53 AM
a reply to: neformore

You cant apply common sense when you jump to conclusions without thinking thats the problem with many on here.

Least likely cause first till that can be proved wrong but still keep arguing about it so other like minded members will s&f your thread.

posted on May, 31 2015 @ 03:01 AM

originally posted by: PlanetXisHERE
I think people have to admit if the object in the OP is not a lens flare then it is fairly interesting.

But clearly it is just lens flare....

posted on May, 31 2015 @ 03:13 AM
a reply to: Voldster

Bravo, you said exactly what I wanted to say.

Amateur astronomers discover new comets and asteroids all the time, many of which are as dim as Pluto. They have dedicated telescopes that scan the sky night after night. Something new that is so large and bright would have been detected by them long before it would've been visible to a webcam or a phone.

I'm not an expert on space and physics, but the few years of being interested in space and reading up about it gave me enough information to understand that a large and bright planet suddenly appearing in the sky is impossible.

posted on May, 31 2015 @ 06:06 PM
It's difficult to see at the beginning, but there is a lens flare at the bottom of the screen, which becomes more apparent as the video goes on.

I built a GIF file (below) from a few frames of the video showing a line drawn from the center of the Sun to that purple lens flare at the bottom. The "object" that the OP mentions stays directly on that line, indicating that it, too, is lens flare.

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posted on Jun, 1 2015 @ 02:14 AM
Wouldn't it be nice if the o/p had come back after all the effort we've put into proving that if it satisfies the conditions for lens flare,looks like lens flare and can't be anything else other than lens flare and said 'Thanks everyone for taking the effort to educate me' ?

posted on Jun, 1 2015 @ 06:19 AM

originally posted by: Imagewerx
Wouldn't it be nice if the o/p had come back after all the effort we've put into proving that if it satisfies the conditions for lens flare,looks like lens flare and can't be anything else other than lens flare and said 'Thanks everyone for taking the effort to educate me' ?

My guess is PlanetXIsHere most likely won't accept all the work people have done.

People that choose to believe in something ridiculous like NIBIRU or Planet X don't typically seemn interested in facts or reality.

Then again maybe I'm wrong and they show up and say "great job ATS, I'm now convinced it's lens flare."

posted on Jun, 1 2015 @ 07:28 AM
+1 for there being NO planet X / Nibiru.

How many times do people need to go through the reasons based in physics / optics that prove this? How many times does it need pointing out that no governement / TPTB could possibly bury it's existence.

PlanetXIsHere, we spoke briefly on an ATS thread in 2012, wherein you said that if Nibiru hadn't arrived by January 2013 then you'd concede that it doesn't exist. I could try and pull up the exact post if you'd like?

Deny what?

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