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(Poem) The wonderful life. (Written during load shedding)

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posted on May, 17 2015 @ 10:12 AM
You move in circles unspoken
You live a life unbroken
Can you see the fire in the trees?
Can you sleep on the rough seas?
Who feeds you with earth's variety?
Who wants longevity?
Are you're calm and unafraid
When all your exorbitant debts are paid,
Do you watch the sky for rain?
Do you nurse your pain?
You stood upon something sharp
While hunting the mighty carp.
This morning you ate lamb
This morning you ate ham.
Tonight you will eat like a king,
Tonight you will sing.
You dance around a fire on a beach
You dance for a week,
The rain will come tomorrow
And the quenching of your thirst will follow.
Tomorrow will be dry.
Tomorrow you will die.
Eat a carrot but you're not a rabbit.
Eat a squid but you're not a kid.
Eat a worm but you're not a fish.
The morning sun warms your skin
The morning sun warms your sin,
You have it in a tiny box
You want it open but its locked,
The lion is in its cage today
You like it there so you're not afraid,
She sits next to you in the rain,
She sits next to you by the drain
What will you do today to be free?
Do you think its easy?
You don't know death
you don't know hate
you've never even heard of fate.
You never doubt
The walls without,
The walls within
Have always been.
Do you live a beautiful life?
Do you live a beautiful strife?
Do you know from which trap the free Birds you see come from?
Do you know,
Don't you know
They want to shoot them with a gun?
Your halo always shines
Polished by your slaves behind the Pines,
When the morning is over and the afternoon and the night,
Slave who polish halos might bite,
You have the cure to any pain
If she's insane you make her sane.
Sleep under the stars and dream of the harmless things you know
How everything you plant will grow
I wish I was where you are
I wish I wasn't so far
Hard lines and hard edges and hard surfaces are the clouds in my sky
Cold wet grass keeps me warm and dry.
My heart is peaceful and free,
When will my body be?
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Still on my mobile

I'm not a liar I will do all my relply from my laptop (God willing) tomorrow

Peace, out.
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posted on May, 21 2015 @ 04:13 AM

Ummm...I really like how you took the pregnant meaning at the core of "whatever will be will be"...and extrapolated it out into real life issues and quandary questions of a more philosophical nature...

Very nice...When I first read your seemed chaotic...yet on second consideration it revealed your thought process and the lies we tell ourselves that mask the unconscious mind...

"Do you live a beautiful strife".................priceless...



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