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The Chevron Tapes: Video Shows Oil Giant Covering Up Amazon Contamination

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posted on Apr, 8 2015 @ 09:02 PM
Representatives of Amazon Watch were mailed 47 DVDs of international Chevron videos along with a note that read: "I hope this is useful for you in the trial against Texaco/Chevron! A friend from Chevron"

Ecuadorean courts have twice upheld a 9.5 billion judgment against Chevron but
Chevron filed suit in New York in 2011 claiming the Ecuadorean judicial process was fraudulent.
In March 2014 NY federal judge Lewis Kaplan ruled in Chevron's favor

The video shows Chevron was looking for clean areas from which they could encourage the court to sample.
after finding oil in the sample, one man says
"well, you might as well stop them now, yeah we're done here.. We're trying to find a clean core, and we obviously didn't go out far enough.nice job Dave. Give you one simple task: don't find petroleum"

In addition to Chevron soil sampling operations, the videos include interviews with local people who complain of water contamination and health problems they attribute to oil pollution.

One woman explains a large area that was essential an oil lake: " I still remember it, how there was oil over everything. The cows still die there. They (Chevron) came, threw some dirt on top of the crude oil, and there it stayed"


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