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Battlestar Galactica spin off series: After earth (non official, my own idea)

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posted on Apr, 6 2015 @ 03:01 AM
WARNING!!!! Battlestar galactica SPOILERS!!!!

So I was thinking,

I have been rewatching BSG. I have an alternate spin off /ending.

Ok, SO after the BSG makes it to earth and everyone settles in for a primitive life the fleet is seen sailing off into the sun right?

Wrong. The hybrid / final five Anders is charged with sailing into the sun but in his infinite wisdom sees a possible future. A dangerous one.

He contacts the base ship and the sentinels operating it and makes them return to the sol system.

There Anders has the sentinels board the BSG and continue repairs using cylon tech. That liquid organic alloy that was being used to repair the BSG that we are told will mature and strengthen the BSG beyond colonial tech. That basically spreads all over Galactica.

So the BSG eventually becomes a hybrid itself of colonial tech and cylon tech. On board the BSG Anders is building up the fleet as well, adding cylon tech to them and allowing the fleet to become hybrid base ships in their own right....

This goes on for many years. When the final original colonial dies, Anders makes his way back to new earth and lands the entire fleet in the ocean.

The descendants of the colonials have been forming tribes with natives and a sort of mad rush to convert natives to the former gods is underway.

The cylons that were left on earth have formed factions and have assimilated entire tribes of local humans and taken up the role of gods themselves. They do not age and are super strong and smart, its not hard for them to keep a hunter gatherer culture in awe of them.

One group of the descendants of the colonials are semi civilized but due to their harsh lives are a little more aggressive towards each other and especially cylons. They hunt the remaining cylons on earth in order to have them help the fledgling colonial tribes rebuild some of the lost technology of the former worlds. These aggressive colonial descendants are godless and have gathered all the equipment and ships that were left on earth and have built primitive social centers. Their ultimate goal is to get a raptor and its corresponding encryption code to unlock the jump drive. They want to return to the 12 colonies to gather more equipment and supplies as well as any technology they can find.

The cylons resist this endeavor from the more aggressive colonial descendants, having focussed their existence into transmitting to the local humans a sense of God and spirituality. These cylons have only the descendants of the colonials who have formed tribes dedicated to the old gods as allies. It is a thin alliance made out of need.

The cylons see themselves as the guardians of the Human race and feel a debt to humanity that they will repay by giving humanity a fresh start without technology and with the true God as they see it.

Those cylons that are captured by the aggressive colonials do not reveal the encryption codes to the raptors and vipers still on earth. The cylon friendly colonial descendants fight wars to liberate the captured cylons and defend their territories and the cylon temples there in from the growing aggressive atheist colonial descendants.

One such war is very desparate for them. The local humans were armed by the aggressive descendants with modern weapons they found and were sent on a campaign of conquest. The cylon friendly colonials are given permission to take the last raptor and viper in their possession and fight the advancing army from the sky.

A malfunction in the raptor causes it to crash behind enemy lines. Soon after the encryption code is extracted from the damaged raptor and inputted into every viper and raptor the aggressive descendants have gathered over the years. They now make their way back to the 12 colonies.

While most of the raptors make the trip back to the 12 colonies, the vipers on earth cause havoc, destroying the cylon temples and cylon friendly colonial strongholds. The cylon friendly colonial descendants and skin jobs are forced to run and hide.

Back on the 12 colonies most of the original cylon occupying forces have died off since the war after lacking resurrection. There are a few scattered but they are not interested in humanity any longer. They have all moved to Caprica and built a simplistic society not without advanced technology but lacking the focus on it.

These remaining cylons teach the aggressive atheist descendants everything they ask about weapons, culture, technology, everything the former colonials built. They do not see the harm in teaching humans about human things.

Back on earth the aggressive descendants start to pop off nukes that were smuggled to earth before the fleet was tasked with flying into the sun.

This is when galactica and the fleet rise from the ocean.

The fleet lands and unload sentinels to fight off the aggressive colonial descendants as well as full squadrons of vipers and raiders piloted by sentinels. The cylon friendly descendants and cylon skin jobs board the fleet and are taken up into orbit. After orbital bombardment of the aggressive descendants on earth the cylon friendly descendants and skin jobs stay in orbit and proceed to educate themselves and relearn the lost knowledge of the past worlds.

The cylon skin jobs now see that they can not ignore the vulnerability of humanity in its ignorance. They teach them all they know.

The aggressive colonial descendants back on the 12 colonies discover a battlestar that survived the attack on the 12 colonies long ago. The cylons on caprica help them repair it and launch it.

Once in orbit over caprica the aggressive colonials nuke the remaining cylons that took refuge on caprica after the second cylon war.

With only the cylons back on earth, the aggressive colonial descendants head home to eliminate the last cylons once and for all.

When the rebuilt battlestar reaches the sol system it is immediately attacked by the hybrid galactica operated by cylon skin jobs, sentinels, and cylon friendly descendants.

It is nearly destroyed but the galactica survives and defeats the rebuilt battlestar.

Once the dust settles, the decision is made to establish an orbital presence over earth. The fleet will land on the moon and serve as a base of operations for humanities development.

The fresh start without technology will be honored on earth. All traces of advanced technology are removed on earth. Cylons still alive will now live on the landed fleet on the moon. The skin job cylons take humans from earth to be raised as modern as the need arises so there are as many advanced humans on the moon as there are primitive ones on earth.

The purpose of this is to allow humanity to have a guided development free of the sins of the past, but benefitting of the knowledge of the old colonies.

The cylons and advanced humans become what is known as the gods.....interfering with humanity up until now... our advanced world is actually the product of them revealing themselves to world leaders and sharing some aspects of advanced technology.


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posted on Apr, 6 2015 @ 03:32 AM
Maybe it's my love of BSG .. but it doesn't hit me right. I think a story line with the Cylons who left would be better.

posted on Apr, 6 2015 @ 05:30 AM

originally posted by: OccamsRazor04
Maybe it's my love of BSG .. but it doesn't hit me right. I think a story line with the Cylons who left would be better.

I agree. There was no loose end on Earth as they zoomed forward to the present day and merely left us with an unknown that we will discover for ourselves.....(scarliy enough it's a damn site closer than people realise, years not decades!)

There are two loose ends, the free cyclons daubed in red stripes and any remnants of the original cylons led by the ones,fours and fives.

posted on Oct, 28 2016 @ 08:53 AM
I think a better story would be around modern Earth and discovery of ancient artifacts that tell a story of the The Twelve Colonies of Kobol. Just as Humanity on Earth is on the brink of self destruction, a group of scientist locate an anomalous object drifting around Jupitor.

A derelict high tech yet ancient space craft
A unresponsive human male in a tub, seemingly connected to everything on the spacecraft at the only location with any power systems operable.
A blonde woman in white appears seemingly out of no where, providing the scientist a map on Antarctica and nothing more. Her only answer, her name, Starbuck.

Humans launch their nuclear weapons, killing all but a few thousand humans, leaving the planet in a death spiral with only months left in its ability to sustain any life.

Barely repaired, or capable of flight, the scientist return the Battlestar Galactica to Earths orbit.

In Antarctica, a colony of 13 non responsive humans is found, in suspended animation of sorts, as well as a few other support and supply ships buried deep in the ice.

The evacuation of Earth begins. A search for the mythical 12 planets, the 12 colonies of Kobal begins. A nearly demolished Battlestar Galactica and a rag tag fleet of ancient dysfunctional ships found deep in the ice of Antarctica, seemingly humanities only hope for survial.

A non responsive though living human male at ships center, 13 nonresponsive humans from Antarctica and a now missing seemingly angel "Starbuck" remain a mystery as humanity searches the solar system for answers and supplies.

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