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genetic modification of humans for space

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posted on Dec, 20 2004 @ 06:56 AM
i know i already posted somthing on this but its slightly diferent last time i was talking about modification for living on different planets not a vacume of space

ok a lot of people that believe in aliens more speifically greys (me included) have been replieing to my post on what we will evolve into in the future (see below)

i had one realy good reply from somone who said that greys look the way they do for space travel which is a great idea thumbs up to who ever said it

he basically said that their bodies where frail because they had to travel in space

grey skin so they could absorb more light and the eyes so big and dark so they could see more light suggesting that the environment was very dark

so in the future will man genetically modifie themselves for living in space well my main point is how, how would we how could we survive in space.

my idea is that we would have to give up eating and photosynthesize in order to get our energy from light reflected from planets or from suns if so what sort of bonuses would we get from that?
super I.Q's

sorry i know its a lot of questions but i want your views and ideas got any?

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