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New forum or archive suggestion for educators.

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posted on Mar, 31 2015 @ 10:25 AM
I was thinking, can we get a new if not temporary forum to be used by any ATS retired educators?

So if there is ever a subject that they feel inclined to just either host or make contributions to in the form of one time lectures that they can do so.
I think if ATS had a section dedicated to real scholarly study that only real educators could post in I think it could capitalize on being an academic resource online as well. If anything just make a new supporting research section that people could go to when forming threads for supporting information.

We all complain about sources. What if you could just use ATS verified source material linked directly from an archive of information that has been verified and proven true.

The hoaxes could be documented and explained thoroughly for common conspiracy theories. The mysteries could be better explained using proven information denying official stories or explanations offered.

Basically an addition to the archive section that guest professors and educators of all subjects could make contributions to on specific subjects that keep popping up.

Then maybe a banner or flag for known educators that are members just so the rest of us know who is who on certain subjects.

Science, biology, math , literature, History, each get a little symbol for members that are known real educators who contribute to the new archive section or forum.

I dont know how easy this would be to do. I just think that considering the traffic that comes through here that ATS could capitalize on being an alternative academic resource as well....Just a thought.

Some of us would love a chance to sit in a virtual classroom. ATS could offer those of us who never got the education they wanted a chance to get some smarts.

It may be a niche that alternative news and media isnt in considering that its hard to gear that sort of content into entertainment. ATS is entertaining, but that is secondary to what it actually does in terms of disseminating information that is hard to get.

Think about it.

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posted on Apr, 3 2015 @ 07:31 AM
I was thinking along those lines a little while ago, we must have at least one expert on pretty much everything active at the moment.


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