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Key to 100% Success. (Conspiracy...kinda...)

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posted on Dec, 18 2004 @ 02:46 PM
Think about it, we are no different then animals...any life. The purpose? To breed, then die. There is nothing special about us, no different from any animal, except for imagination. Intelligence = Imagination.

Anyways, If you really want to be successful, break everything down. If you are in a band, writing a book, making a movie. Relate the name to sex in a very subtle way, but only enough to relate it to sex if you think about it.

It seems the "dirtier" the chosen word/phrase, the more popular it becomes. Not sex itself but something that could be done or happen. Just for an example, who likes oral sex? hmmm...what would be a good name relating to oral sex, although in very indirect way. Do you like the band "Blink".
Think about it. Kinda dirty huh?

That was just 1 of my examples, but seriously think about it, anything that has become insanely popular...

Tickle Me Elmo
Hello Kitty
(I don't know, I get tired of thinking for people when they can easily think for themselves.)

When it all comes down to it, we live for sex. No great rhyme or reason, just here to prolong the species.

Welp. It seems to be true, except for food. Food is odd.

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