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Can someone show me evidence of speciation, from one kind to another

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posted on Mar, 20 2015 @ 05:01 PM

originally posted by: DarkATi

I'm not following. How can you ask for evidence of speciation without first defining the term 'species'?

'Felidae' is the taxonomical 'family' commonly known as 'cats,' or 'felines.' So, you are correct in saying that the 'feline group' is too broad to be considered a species. 'Felines' are not a species, at least not according to the established taxonomical structure.

Who knows? Well, that's a question of epistemology. It depends on what you mean by knowledge and what sort of knowledge you're actually seeking. You asked for evidence of speciation and I think several people (myself included) have given you good evidence.

You didn't even take the time to respond to my example of the Snow Leopard. Therefore, I won't bother posting anymore in here.

If you are a Christian, hopped up on Ray Comfort 'documentaries,' then you need to get an education. Do NOT educate yourself, because you'll likely just pull information from more people like Comfort, who do not have a clue what they are talking about in regard to science. I recommend a university of some sort in your local area.

Please do not take my response as an insult or attack on you personally. You're simply not willing to have an honest discussion with me, so I'm withdrawing my presence. Best of luck to you in understanding how science works.

You linked a site that that had a list of cats and eras, wasnt referenced offered absolutely no evidence never mind explanation, was basically a picture with a list of cat types on it and millions of years. I saw no evidence at all, not a drop.

What should I say to that, where is the proof?
Bones in the ground?
Should I believe Ray Comfort? or you and that picture, picture?

I am not insulted by your response I am actually impressed with your tone and manner, its refreshing. I am insulted that you think you have offered any evidence.

I use the term species loosely, simply because it is hard to define. Irrespective we should have transitional life forms living today, can we see any

posted on Mar, 20 2015 @ 05:49 PM


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