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DOT releases airline Pet Fatality numbers

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posted on Feb, 11 2015 @ 09:35 PM
Many of the deaths were a result of the animals actually escaping from their transport cages and being hit by other vehicles at the airport.

Most of the injuries reported involved dogs and cats that had been hurt as they attempted to escape from their cages.

Another major cause of death was underlying health conditions, such as dogs with short or snub noses, which were then aggravated by the stress of travelling.

Several airlines are currently reviewing their policies for those types of animals, such as pugs and English bulldogs.

These brachycephalic breeds, more frequently than others, experience breathing problems when faced with stressful conditions.

Thus, they have a particularly high risk of suffocating in-flight.

Despite friendly staff and smooth air, animals travelling in the cargo hold of a commercial jet do face their fair share of environmental stresses, such as varying temperatures, loud noises and air pressure drops.

In 2011, 35 pets died while travelling on U.S. airlines and in 2012, 29 pets died.

Between 2010 and 2013, it was Delta reported the greatest number of animal incidents and was held responsible for 41 of the 97 reported deaths.

However, Delta maintains that the reason for their higher numbers is simply because they carry more pets than any other competing airline.

Humane Society Travel Tips for your pet

I would highly recommend bookmarking the travel tips page that way it's always on hand the next time you have to make a trip. I always have 2 Tupperware bowls in my car. One for water, and one for food that I fill from a Ziploc baggie. Obviously frequent stops for potty breaks and walks. I don't unroll my windows a lot, just a crack, as my dog is small and like to try and jump out the window. She is quite comfortable lying on my lap while I drive, however and taking a nap.


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