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Potential Scientific Explanation Of 'Deflategate'

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posted on Jan, 28 2015 @ 02:58 AM

originally posted by: MKMoniker
a reply to: Krakatoa

Because this is a larger issue than "deflating a few balls in a play-off game." Belichick has a reputation for playing dirty (as my linked article above proves), and "wins over sportsmanship" are apparently OK with the Patriot owners too.

Yet you people who brush off this issue as trivial, would probably come unglued if your kids hacked into a school computer, changed grades around, and got expelled from school.

"Cheating" is still "cheating", no matter who does it.

Can you show me your outrage over Rodgers and GB, who actually admitted he does it on purpose all the time hoping to get away with it?

I looked at your link ...

Here are the accusations.

Vague injury reports: Bellicheck does not tell the opposing team how injured a player is. WOW, ban him.

Spygate: The only one with teeth. Spygate was actually completely within the rules. They were not allowed to tape signals during practices before the game. They did not. They taped practices of previous games, giving teams the opportunity to change their signals. What they did was 100% within the rules. It's something every team was doing, and the guy who got the Patriots in trouble had been doing it himself for years, with the Patriots and after.

Basically they have no history of flat out cheating. They have a long history of looking at the rules and seeing how they get around them, which is what EVERY team does EVERY week. Bellicheck is just the best at doing it.

posted on Jan, 28 2015 @ 10:53 PM
I have read some more information about the deflategate case, and the NFL has been caught flat out lying, and I would actually not be surprised if they created the situation.

The original story was that the Colts' D'Qwell Jackson intercepted the ball, thought it felt funny, and gave it to his equipment manager. They tested it, found it was underinflated, gave it to the refs who then tested them all.

D'Qwell Jackson has come forward and said that never happened, the ball felt FINE to him, he never have it to anyone. No equipment manager has come forward saying they tested it. The NFL has been caught in a proven lie, and as far as I am concerned the entire investigation is suspect.

Jackson has since told he noticed nothing wrong. There's been no word from the equipment guy.

posted on Jan, 30 2015 @ 04:26 PM


posted on Jan, 31 2015 @ 07:05 PM
a reply to: MKMoniker

The Spat-Spat is moronic. Rankings in Fumbles Per Game. Apparently other teams are even better at deflating the ball and that's why they have less fubles? We need to investigate Atlanta. Or you know .. It's good coaching.

NE: #2
ATL: #5
NE: #24
ATL: #9
NE: #5
ATL: #1
NE: #4
ATL: #2
NE: #1
ATL: #3
NE: #4
ATL: #5

Not to mention Deflategate has turned out to be a giant lie with zero evidence to support it, and numerous things the league "leaked" have turned out to be a flat out lie.
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