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2 Albuquerque officers charged with murder in March shooting !

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posted on Jan, 12 2015 @ 05:49 PM
This was a pretty hot topic in this forum when it happened and was posted. The discussion finally fell on the two sides where the cops were wrong and brutal or the guy had knifes and can move at the speed of light to endanger the cops..

Well it looks like at least two of the officers will be charged with murder.. Hell of a way to end ones career ...However, being shot while surrendering is a hell of a way to end one's life..

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Two Albuquerque police officers were charged with murder Monday in the shooting death of a knife-wielding homeless man that led to sometimes violent protests and a federal investigation into the city's police force.

The criminal charges were the first Brandenburg has brought against officers in a shooting. She is in her fourth term as district attorney and is waging a fight with the Albuquerque Police Department over allegations that she committed bribery while intervening on behalf of her son in a burglary case.

Police believe she should be charged with bribery because, they say, she offered to pay a victim not to press charges. The attorney general's office is handling the matter

That will teach her to go after the boys in the department, No? Maybe she offered to pay for damages... Used to be a common thing...
The back and forth to muddy the waters will be severe in this case ... But because there is a video it will be much harder to twist the truth IMO. arch%20shooting%20%7C%20Hernando's%20Hideaway&txt=Source

posted on Jan, 12 2015 @ 06:06 PM

Just sometimes, Justice prevails.

Yet, even then, some cops or cop lovers will say the homeless man was a retired ninja who could have easily flung his knife into one of their neck arteries causing instant death.

Take a life unjustly, spend your life in prison.

posted on Jan, 12 2015 @ 06:16 PM

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