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In my opinion

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posted on Jun, 2 2003 @ 10:32 PM
Somethings I'm going to state are due to my opinion. It's my opinion that much is taken for granted and too many people are ungrateful, plus unappreciate what they have. Take for instance EVERYTHING...Every single thing most people have they do not understand or even care to understand what was sacrificed in order for them to even "not" think about such things. Bear with me on this long ordeal that may only take a few collective minutes of your precious time. Let me start with the people or person who brought you up. Most of us call them parents, now before you go and tune me out. How many of you DO NOT have parents or know someone who doesn't? Didn't think about that huh? How about those who do, bet you don't even care, have you even thought about living on your own? How do you treat your parents, with respect, I doubt it. I've seen how you treat them, the words you say and the things you do.I've done that before, you can't hide it from me. What would it be like to be all alone, ask about the luxuries you have around yourself, quitely think a moment... I know you probably didn't and won't cause you have better things to do. But why is it you have those things? Who made it possible? You, your parents the dog the President? How about Americans and Soldiers, what did they do, and give...They dedicated their lives, their lives were the price for you to even get the option. This isn't a recruting pitch its the Truth. New thought, how is your girlfriend or boyfriend or even your "friends"? Are you happy with them, why or why not? What is it you don't like? Are you with them right now, what did you give up to be with them? What did they give up to be with you? Think for a moment...can't think, that's probably because your ungrateful and live a sheltered life with mommy and daddy and have never seen the outside or "quote" real world. Let's back track for a moment. Remember all those options you have, many people don't even have the option to bathe in clean water you take for granted or eat at fast food joints you take for granted or even a home cooked meal that you take for granted. No one, not you your parents, the President or even myself can give them that. Its Americans and Soldiers. Really now, what have you done to make a change, or don't you care to step out of your little world that's so cozy and perfect for you, or in most cases NOT so perfect. Does anyone know how many people are trying to make it possible for everyone to have the things you take for granted? NOT ENOUGH... not enough people are even thinking about it, otherwise it wouldn't happen. It wouldn't happen to be that people are starving while you throw away a meal just because you don't like it. It wouldn't happen to be that people are dying from infections that could be prevented by the clean water you take for granted. It wouldn't happen to be that people don't even know who their parents are as you tell yours you hate them. It wouldn't happen to be that people are dying for the chance to have what you take for granted. It wouldn't happen to be that way if everyone just cared, and gave instead of took and said me, my and I. What have you got to say for yourself? DON'T TELL ME, do something about, open your eyes and walk out of that little world of yours and see what the rest of Humanity is dealing with. Wake up, look around yourself and tell yourself NEVER MORE! But don't just say it, JUST DO IT! Please don't be the fool and waste your life by takeing everything for granted and being ungratefull to those who don't even have the options. Havn't you ever thought that life should be or could be more than it is? That's because it can, but it won't unless everyone wakes up and comes together. That is what life is about, makeing things better for others not yourself, for through giving of your self and careing about everyone will life be that much something more. If I havn't gotten through to you by now...just leave, go on because unless your with me now thus far, for you there is no hope.

Deffinition of American:
People of many cultures and nations united through the interest and intent of being peacefully free.
- ADVISOR's Unabridged Dictionary

posted on Jun, 2 2003 @ 10:56 PM
Have you ever read Listen, Little Man by Wilhelm Reich?
If you haven't then you should, I think you'll enjoy it.

I agree with most of this although the self is not to be forgotten entirely. Only after the individual has taken care of himself, made himself happy, and learned to love himself, can he begin to help others effectively.
Some people accomplish this through helping others, but most people have issues within to resolve before they can help without.

Also, respecting/thanking the Americans and Soldiers who came before to give freedom is important, but nowadays, not everyone who claims the title of American is worthy of respect and their actions are not necessarily in the interest of America and her people.

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