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The School

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posted on Jan, 2 2015 @ 11:22 PM
Dr. Schultz: Morning Dora!

Dora: Dr. Schultz! Thought you were coming in early.

Dr. Schultz: So did I. There was a fatality on 39. It took me 45 minutes to drive past it. They had a car covered up with a white tarp. Hate to see that. Dora, I have that 9 o'clock with Borden Elementary. What time......oh Jesus. Get Mrs. Jeffers on my conference line so I can find out exactly what happened with the Sanders pupil the other day.

Dora: On it. Give me about 3 minutes.

Dr. Schultz: I have a couple things I need to do real quick. Let me know!

Dora: Yes Doctor.

(Time passes)

Dr. Schultz: DORA! Where's my call?! Come on!

Dora: Dr. Schultz! I can't get the school!

Dr. Schultz: Hold on! I'm coming out there! (pause) What?

Dora: I can't get the school. I called Mrs. Jeffers, Mr. Henderson, the main office, the attendance office. Nobody answers.

Dr. Schultz: (sigh) That doesn't make any sense. Call cell phones. They have any alarms?

Dora: I checked for alarms. And I already tried Mrs. Jeffers and Mr. Henderson on their cells.

Dr. Schultz: It's 9:10. Parents are going to call me at 9:30. I don't have time for this. What a morning. Give me the phone.

Dora: I'm sorry....

Dr. Schultz: It's not your fault. Or mine. Remain calm Dora. Let's work the problem until it's solved. Dial *800.

Phone Recording: Thank you for calling Prince Henry Schools. All of our (click)

Thomas: Prince Henry Police, Hello.

Dr. Schultz: Thomas? Dr. Schultz

Thomas: Yes sir, Dr. Schultz. Good morning.

Dr. Schultz: I wish it was. Listen, we can't get a hold of Borden Elementary. They aren't answering any hard lines or any cells. What's happening out there?

Thomas: Power outage? Doesn't look like it.

Dr. Schultz: No power outage. The phones ring. And the alarms are clear. Clear status. What else?

Thomas: Let me pull them up on CATV. I don't normally have an issue with Borden so I don't have them on the monitor. I just need to....., got it.


Dr. Schultz: Got what? Think out loud.

Thomas: The hell.....?

Dr. Schultz: THOMAS!

Thomas: Dr. Schultz, the cameras are on line but they aren't showing video. None of them are. The hell? I've never seen this before.

Dr. Schultz: What? How do you know there on? Look, I need to talk to somebody at Borden immediately. Make it happen.

Thomas: Okay, one second. "Borden Elementary, Prince Henry Police." "Borden Elementary, Prince Henry Police. Respond."

Unit 12: Henry Police, Unit 12. I'm a mile from Borden.

Thomas: 12, Henry. Borden isn't talking but we show them online. Video is active but black screen on everything. Code 3 to Borden and report back. Use caution.

Unit 12: Henry, 12. Borden, code 3.

Unit 9: 12, 9. You want back up? I'm two miles out.

Unit 12: 9, 12, 10-4. I'll wait for ya.

Thomas: 9, Henry. Borden, code 3.

Unit 6: Thomas, 6, this isn't an active shooter call, is it?

Thomas: 6, Prince Henry. The school is online but isn't talking. Video is online but not showing. No alarms.

Unit 6: Roger that. Mark me on Borden. I'm code 3.

Thomas: Copy 6. All other units, monitor.

Sheriff: Prince Henry Schools, Prince Henry Sheriff's Department. We are also monitoring. Let us know if you need assist.

Thomas: Roger, Mary. Appreciate it.

Unit 12: 12 on scene. Calm outside. No activity. Flag is up. Everything looks normal.

Thomas: 12, Henry. Wait for backup anyway.

Unit 12: Roger, Thomas.

Unit 9: 9 on scene. Stand by. (siren) Thomas, 9. I just hit the siren and not a kid looked out a window that I could see.

Thomas: 9, Henry, copy.

Unit 6: 12, I'm around the corner. Stay in position. 6 pulling in. Show 6 on scene.

Unit 3: You guys at Borden just say the word and we'll all be en route.

Unit 6: Roger that.

Unit 12: Thomas, we're walking to the main entrance. Still no activity. Nothing looks abnormal. Looking inside. Nobody in the area. Gotta be somebody somewhere. But everything looks fine.

Thomas: Are you clear to breach? Or do you want more back up?

Unit 12: I'm good on back up. Just gonna open the door. DOORS LOCKED! Damn thing's locked.

Unit 9: Look around, look around.

Unit 5: 5 en route to Borden, code 3.

Unit 1: 1 responding, code 3 Borden.

Unit 15: 15, code 3 Borden.

Sheriff: Sheriff's Department, we're sending a unit.

Unit 11: 11 en route.

Unit 12: Alright, still no visible activity inside. We're gonna walk over here and look in a classroom. Stand by. ALL ON THE FLOOR! I don't see any......

Unit 9: Yeah, everybody's on the floor. Hey, HEY! Are you okay? Get up! Police! Get up!

Unit 6: Is he even blinking?

Thomas: Somebody talk to me!

Unit 12: Kids on the floor. Non responsive. But no blood. No signs of injury visible. Let's look in one more.

Unit 6: Forget it. It's the same thing. Back up! Let's pull back. Cover!

Unit 5: 5 on scene! Wait, wait, wait! Let me get in position before you come back. Alright, go go go! Come on! Come on!

Thomas: Prince Henry Schools Police Department, crisis alert. Borden Elementary. All units respond. All go code 3.

Sheriff: Prince Henry Deputies, go.

Sheriff: Prince Henry Deputies, respond to Borden Elementary. Unknown emergency. Multiple injuries. All unknown. Close Mitz Ave north and south of Borden at the intersections. Close Head Street east and west. Close Fine Street east and west.

BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep!
Sheriff: Engine 1, Engine 2, Engine 3, Engine 4, Engine 5, Engine 6, Medic 1, Medic 2 and 3. Medical, Borden Elementary. Base at Mitz and Head. Stand by on arrival.

Medic 3: Medic 3 is still on call at 4213 Minister. Engine 2 is assisting. We're going to transport, sirens.

Sheriff: Can you release Engine 2?

Medic 3: Negative. As soon as we can. After we drop off, we'll head to Borden.

Texas: Prince Henry, this is the city of Texas. Do you need assistance?

Sheriff: Thanks Texas. Stand by. Still dispatching.
Sheriff: All Prince Henry County Tactical, report to station 1 for deployment. Code 3. All Prince Henry County Mobil Command Deputies, report to Mitz and Head. Stand by for arrival. Mobil Command 1, roll out code 3. Texas, can you call me? I need to free the air.

Texas: Henry, Texas. We're calling.

Unit 11: Can we try to breach today? I'm driving away from the school. I feel like I'm going in the wrong direction. I can breach glass.

Sheriff: It's gonna be a tactical breach. We need an Environmental Unit. But the closest one is 100 miles away in Theim. Let's go with a HazMat. Texas City, can we borrow your HazMat team?

Texas: Call Theim and tell them to roll. I'll send my HazMat but it's going to be a few minutes. We're calling everybody in. We can cancel Theim if we don't need them.

Sheriff: I'd rather wait for Theim but we can't. We have to get in there. I got no idea what this is.

Texas: Why don't you call the guard. I know they have a helicopter. Environmental gear too.

Unit 9: I have a parent here with some questions. I've got her at the bus stop. That's gonna fill up. After we breach we need to........hey um.....does anybody feel sick besides me?

posted on Jan, 2 2015 @ 11:39 PM
Wow! I'm on the edge of my seat here! I hope you add more!

posted on Jan, 5 2015 @ 08:16 PM
Unit 12: Man, I just got a......What's happening to me? I need to......"

Unit 11: I've got officers down! Punch it medics!

Engine 1: Sheriff, Engine 1. Are we clear for arrival? I don't like what I hear.

Sheriff: All units en route, stand by.

Medic 2: Sheriff, Medic 2. There is no stand by. Are we going or turning around?

Texas: All Texas City units in route, stop in place. Wait for instructions. Prince Henry, what's happening?

Sheriff: Texas, phones are out of control. People are hitting the deck everywhere. I'm declaring a code white. You copy?


Texas: Okay, hold on. Prince Henry County Sheriffs Department, this is Texas City Police. I copy your last but I need to hear it one more time to confirm. Can you reconfirm? You said code white?

Sheriff: Texas City Police, this is Prince Henry County. We are code white here and it is active. We have to get out. Your in control. Notify everyone. Do the protocol. We're coming to you.

Texas: Copy that Henry. Joan, call the capital. Lets notify the governor, NOW! Alright listen up everybody! We have a code white in Prince Henry. All their first responders are coming here. Close everything going to Prince Henry NOW! Don't let anyone in unless they are first response. Pack `em and stack `em right on the shoulder.

Joan: Hi, yes. I'm calling from the police department in Texas City. Prince Henry County has declared a code white on the Homeland Security scale. We're going down the protocol sheet for a Procedure 1.

Operator: I'm sorry. Is this a drill?

Joan: 1511 Alpha!!! Okay?

Operator: Hold on. I'm looking it up. (short pause) Oh my God, okay. Your 1511 Alpha. Code White. Alright, I'm doing it. Be careful. Hold on, your in Texas City?

Joan: I'm in Texas City but the code white is in Prince Henry County. Don't get confused.

Operator: The whole county??

Joan: It's a small county.

Operator: Okay, we're making calls. Be careful.

Governor: Let me say this one more time in case you didn't hear me the first three times; I am NOT signing that bill until the....


Governor: Pete, I'm 62, Jesus Christ!

Secret Service: Beat your feet! Come on! MOVE! HERE WE COME! HERE WE COME! Your head, sir. Watch it! GO! GET OUTA HERE! Betsy Ross, scorpion in flight!

"Betsy Ross": Copy.

Governor: You guys almost killed me. Where are we going?

Driver: Sorry Governor, wait a minute. Betsy Ross, scorpion in flight. Polly wants a cracker.

"Betsy Ross": Cracker is wheat, eat it quickly.

Driver: Wheat cracker, eat it fast. Got it. Governor, we're going to the bunker. And you better buckle up.

Governor: Well, the mansion is THAT way.

Driver: Not that bunker, sir.

Governor: Holy Christ. Alright, I need an update so I can call the White House.

Passenger: They already know.

Governor: Well, that's pretty impressive considering I don't know a thing. I'm obviously not incapacitated so who told them? I'm curious. (long pause) Oh my God, it's happening in other states, isn't it?

Passenger: We have three confirmed code whites in our state and they're all over a hundred miles apart.

Governor: This is no accident then. They're trying to wipe us out.

Passenger: They aren't trying to do anything. They're succeeding.


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