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Another (new?) Tech-Term ... "Revenge-Hacking"

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posted on Jan, 1 2015 @ 11:59 AM

Now, the FBI is investigating whether hackers are working on behalf of companies and how they might be circumventing those laws.

“It’s kind of a Wild West right now,” said Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas) ...


FBI Investigating 'Revenge' Hacking By U.S. Banks


EMC Corp’s security division said it has isolated its Israeli division so that analysts can engage in activities that they can’t do from the US. The division has sent malware into online forums where stolen date [data?] is swooped or it can hack computers to recover stolen data.
FBI investigating US companies for ... cyber war


Could "malware into online forums" be done via ... Online-Ads ???

If they are looking for "stolen data" ... what are they also stealing to find out ???


IF Companies can (or will) get away with "Revenge-Hacking" ... What other Hack'ns can (or will) they get away with ???


A (new?) Tech-Term ... "Cyber-Caliphate"

Hack'n Inc. ... ( is it only the beginning? )

See Something? ... Say Something.

( because it IS ... "only the beginning" )

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posted on Jan, 1 2015 @ 02:01 PM
Or also known as...
Solar ejection of some sort interfering with not only the geomagnetic side of our planet but also the electromagnetic side of things. Creating a radio blackout over certain areas depending on time and location.
Also taking into account the magnetic anomalies in certain places of the planet and what electricity does to magnets......

Did storms factor in both Malaysia air crashes?
What was the state or level of
geomagnetic storm?
Earyhquake activity prior and preceding?

I know thr above is more than likely not the case because
Airline companies would cancel and ground flights.
Shipping companies would do the same.

Solar activity that could influence the magnetic north in relation to gps and onboard giroscopes.....could possibly be the real explaination. Not pilot error.
Magnetic storms?
Electric storms?
And the energy below from tectonics?

If a waypoint is long would it be before a pilot would notice. A few degrees would send an aircraft way way off.

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