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Headliner and Do'er or Just Flakey? Attention Deficit - ADD

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posted on Dec, 27 2014 @ 02:09 PM
Some people are do'ers. They can go from one task to another, managing and delegating all the necessary missions to appropriate people.

Unfortunately, some of these do'ers do not go from task to task for reasons one would think. Sometimes these great managers, even in corporate environments- find it impossible to focus on the details of a task continually for very long. This is because what empowers them to go from task to task is also their curse: adult ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder.

I know one person who is an excellent manager, but can't keep their cell phone charged consistently. This person misplaces their cellphone 5 times a day. They are always losing keys. They lose keys so much, it actually dictates how they live. They haven't locked the front door of their house for 25 years. Is this because they are so trusting of their neighbors? It may appear so. But mostly because they are horrible with keys. You know, the little things. They are very hard for them to deal with.

The best place to be for a person is to be able to manage large tasks from 1000 feet up, and also be able to deal with small details for an extended time when that is required.

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