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My Terrifying 'Paranormal Activity' Experience

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posted on Dec, 18 2014 @ 04:27 PM
a reply to: fooffstarr

I believe it, all of it. I went through a somewhat similar experience, which perhaps I'll share on here one day. I've only told the story a grand total of three times since it ended, and I still get a bit wigged out when I think about it.

As somebody who can completely sympathize with you, S/F for you!

posted on Dec, 18 2014 @ 07:23 PM
I have nothing to add other than you stayed in that house much longer than I.

I would have packed up and moved by the second night.

Don't judge me. (you already have. shame on you all)

posted on Dec, 19 2014 @ 02:33 AM

originally posted by: ArJunaBug
The OP made me recall a strange series of events related to my (then) partner a few decades ago. She seemed to be haunted by entities that bothered her at night. I would awaken to her sitting up in bed yelling at and swatting at things above her near the ceiling. This happened many times. At first I wondered if they were related to the location. We lived in a high rise apartment on the hill directly south of Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. I should mention that on two occasions I thought I could actually see a dark swirling "cloud" above the bed as she was yelling at them. She never had any memory of her actions at night with these things. This went on for almost two years before we moved out because we had bought a house.

The antagonizing spirits seemed to have followed her to the new house some 20 miles away from the old apartment. Again I would sometimes see her seemingly awake at night and yelling at these things.

One night I had been up very late after meditating for hours. She had been sleeping for hours. About 5 minutes after I had gone to bed I saw her sit up with her eyes wide open and she began to yell at and swat at these things above her. I had an idea. Earlier that day I had been reading a book that mentioned a technique for keeping away dark energies. The technique was basically to visualize a white light and to picture the white light expanding to encompass your body. The next step was to visualize expanding this white light and push out all the negative entities and energies. I think it even mentioned expanding it to encompass your house. So I lay there and begin to do this. At about the point where I had encompassed the entire house she angrily grabbed my arm and in an odd gruff voice said "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" A bit stunned I looked at her and said "What do you mean?" She said, again in a very strange voice, "You put something around the house." OMG!

I was completely freaked out at this point. I had never mentioned anything to her about the technique I just that day read about. It still gives me the creeps to even think about that event.

Take from that what you will. I still don't know what to make of that event. Obviously, something saw what I was doing in my mind. The implications are huge. I do believe there are many things around us that we may or may not have the ability to sense. Animals seem to be much more capable than we in this regard. Like the OP indicates, there are experiences that can be difficult to explain, and I have had quite few of them in my life. This one stands out though, because it wasn't just me. Somehow she was connected to one of my thoughts and clearly proved this with her precise remark. It's very hard for me to explain this away and it rates as one of the most remarkable experiences I have had, even though I have had many far more amazing ones from a personal perspective.

BTW, as usual the next morning she had no recollection of any of what happened.

I am just putting this out there for those who may be interested. Like the OP, I have no desire to prove anything. All I can do is tell you my true story. I've never been one to drink (alcohol) or do drugs. As amazing and incredible as this may seem, this really happened. Just thinking of it nearly makes me piss my pants as I almost did that night. I would love to have an explanation as to what happened that night.

if what you said regarding the meditation was real, then definitely proves that meditation is not just a hoax. There are other dimensions.

posted on Dec, 19 2014 @ 06:40 AM
Great post OP, this has give me the urge to share my experience.

As a child (10-11) my parents moved us into a really old house in the countryside (UK Tudor period) Gargoyles facing inwards the lot! I/We had many weird experiences in the year we lived there (we moved out as it became too unsettling) we found out afterwards that it was supposedly once a house where prisoners were kept the night before being beheaded/killed
The first night we moved in, my TV in my bedroom repeatedly turned itself off, this would happen regularly. I began to talk to my parents/teachers about feeling things around me and being watched, doors would slam upstairs when nobody was up there and footsteps would walk/run up and down the landings above, it got to a point where I refused to sleep in my own room, my grandad came to share the room for a while to see if he could figure out what the problem was (very logical person!) On his first night there he was sat downstairs with my mother at around 1am our 3 dogs started going crazy barking at the pantry door, eventually they caught sight of something and 3 mastiff's were following something that nobody else could see around the house and up to my bedroom. they were quiet the whole time they were fixated on whatever it was, after about 5 minutes of them waiting by my bedroom they all came back down still silently fixated and walked to the pantry door again and then all laid down (bizzare) this occured nearly every night for a year as far as I am aware
In the time we were there my mother had two miscarriages (may be coincidental but my brother was born around a year after moving out, I began to refuse to enter certain rooms of the house for no explainable reason and moved into a boxroom at the other end of the house and would insist on sleeping with my bedroom light on. Oh and we left a relative to look after the house and dogs for a weekend away, upon return he had barricaded hiself in the livng room with the dogs as he had freaked out after hearing people running around upstairs, he refused to ever step foot in the house again!!!

My hairs are standing on end everytime I think about it, if I remember anything else I will add sorry for waffling!


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