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posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 10:54 AM
I should say I am not a newb .... Been a member here for almost 2 years... but thanks to a Joint Intelligence Bulletin (JIB) released late on the night of 11/30/2014
that details threats to US military members, Veteran's, and their families... I felt it necessary to create a new account.
Learn more here And Here
This is not a threat I take lightly... as here in my own home state we've already had 5 young ladies and one young man caught in their attempts to join ISIS. one of whom only lived a few miles down the road from my place.

I have decided to institute full Operational Security and have thereby sanitized all my old accounts and personal info... to make it harder for these bad guys to find my family... If it were just me I'd say bring it on, I welcome a stand-up fight... but not if it involves the wife and kids.

I've created this new account, with no personal details so I can keep abreast of the goings on we can't find anyplace else... and I ask, if any of you do guess at who I was... please don't post it on line.... As for those who might want to seek me out... Yeah I have a concealed carry permit

With that said, lets dance!
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posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 11:18 AM
a reply to: NoTouching
First, good on you for taking the precautions to keep your family safe and I hope you and them remain so without getting too worried or over paranoid ... but you did mention you live around where recruits have been caught in attempts to go to Syria.

That said, you have already failed at your attempts at OPSEC. As savvy as ISIS is, if they truly wanted to, I have no doubt they would be scrubbing all sorts of social media and forum sites looking for language that indicates military ties to people ... and if they really, really wanted to, in your case, would likely attempt to Phish you, or hack ATS, etc to get your personal info.

Not to be critical of you, I'm just saying, true OPSEC would you not mentioning what you stated above and just creating a new account without any language of military.

ETA: Stay safe and vigilant.

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posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 11:23 AM
a reply to: AllSourceIntel

All to true... but that is the beauty of using proxy servers and disposal email account's...
Oh I could be found... but I'm not really worth the effort... not with so many easier targets to be found...

posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 11:29 AM
Meh .. let them try survived four tours in vietnam with s.o.g charlie never collected the price on my head .. and over the years since in war zones around the world .. refuse to give in to coercion of any type and wont censor or sanitize what I say / post just to make some idiot happy. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest not spent cowering in fear..

Good luck with the new accounts .. though with i.p tracking and other things all it does is slow them down a little ..

posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 11:30 AM
a reply to: NoTouching
Excellent! Yes, they would seek an easier target ... like me? ... and it is very good you are using those tools. I am not too worried for my family or myself though at the moment ... but that could change pending outcomes ...

posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 11:31 AM
a reply to: NoTouching

Did you clear the new account with the Admins? I believe that it's against T&C's to have two accounts for one user.

ISIS doesn't scare me as much as the thugs across town who seem to be branching out into the smaller communities. Crime has been escalating in my neck of the woods.

posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 11:50 AM
a reply to: Expat888

Like I said... If I didn't already have evidence of local nut jobs and radicals I wouldn't have bothered...
But then again, why make it easy on them... better that I make em work for it

posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 11:55 AM
a reply to: TDawgRex

The old account was closed no probs there...
Like you it was tanks to my own local homegrown baddies I got my CCW permit...
and yet not that far from where I live there is a Sunnis settlement.... Not saying their inherently bad... but...

posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 12:02 PM
I'm not telling anyone who I really am also, but I will give a few hints:

-My first name start with a R and ends with a D
-I went to Bentonville High School (not saying what state *Go Hogs*)
-I was in the military ooh rah!
-I drive a white truck its a RAM but I'm not giving the Make
-My bank acct# is 000837733* good luck guessing the last digit

Anyway I hope they don't find me

posted on Dec, 2 2014 @ 12:53 PM
a reply to: NotMoose

I don't care who y'are, but that right there was funny.

posted on Dec, 7 2014 @ 01:10 PM
I can't help but notice the textural resemblance between the acronym "OPSEC" and the acronym "TEPCO" if the letters were in 3D blocks. I'm sure both are equally as healthy to the environment as the other and as you put it, you started an account because you "don't take threats lightly". Well, that sounds kinda funny because I can't make the connection between maintaining an ATS account and protecting what you love from the real and physical threats that you didn't elaborate on within your introduction well enough for me to really know what you're typing about.

All of those miniscule details aside, you may find much more to this site than the news threads and gov stuff. Aliens, conspiracy theories, NLBS videos and a link to YouTube.


a reply to: NoTouching

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